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Grateful for…

….these two


 their creativity


their love for each other

their energy

their adventures


their mateship

the quiet times


the cute bits

the yummy bits


and the sweet bits

I know it’s one of those kids posts, but these last couple of weeks, these two have made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry but most importantly they have made me LOVE being their mum…thanks you two ♥

You know what I mean don’t you?

Hope you have had a good week filled with lots of grateful moments.  


for lazy weekend mornings at home with the kiddies, drawing, making play dough and spending time with my girl after a long and emotional week at school



for wonderful op shop finds (15 of them!!)

for kids making cupcakes


for nearly empty cookie jars (means the cookies were yummy)


for cheeky smiles (minus the tantrums)



and for inspiring mummy bloggers and friends that make me smile

Hope your weekend is filled with gratefulness(and some twine)