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Spreading the love

I have been thinking about this over and over and  putting the right words down is sometimes hard, that’s why you’ll never find a post from me without an image. 
I express things better that way. 
I have been reading a few wonderful things around the blogosphere of late and it makes me tearful, with joy that people feel this way.
If you have been following my journey over the last year you’d know about what happened that tore my world apart and left a hole in my heart that is still struggling to heal.
So even though I have kinda been this way I have found that I have become more empathetic and understanding towards people’s struggles.
So if  I have made you smile even for a teeny bit with a little photo and card, I am glad but I have done it because I felt that some love needed to be spread even with the simplest of gestures.


If you feel like there is someone that needs a little bit of loving I hope you will take a minute out of your busy schedule and send them an email, or a note, or pop round and say hello, you never know how much that person needs it.
Thank you for making me smile with your sweet words, beautiful gifts and gestures.
I feel the love!(I am off to wipe away a few more tears)



It’s August already and our winter is nearly over.
We have a few things happenning this month, some good, some not and a cupcake workshop thrown in.

Thank you for leaving me sweet words about what you are thankful for. Have drawn some names using random org and I will send a card to

Little Ted Canvas, Leonie and Valerie.


I’ll contact you for your details ladies.

Thanks again to you all for visiting and making me smile.

Happy August to you ✗

Thank YOU

Words cannot possibly express how you have made me feel with your wonderfully sweet words, personal stories and how you made my heart feel hugged with the fact that you just listened.

I wasn’t able to reply to you personally, I hope you understand, I really don’t know how to ever thank you….so I guess I’ll leave you with a picture….

Thank YOU