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My Creative Space…

It has been a difficult week for me personally and I have struggled with every single day, smiling on the outside yet feeling breathless on the inside as the tears and sleepless nights seem to never end.

It has been nine months and even though you hear that it gets easier as time goes on…well it hasn’t and my heart still hurts and I wish I could make it better.

We are having a cuppa to show support today and I hope I can get through it without too many tears.


On the upside, I have been making some brooches using Kylie’s fabulous tutorial as a guide and I want to make you one, or maybe two as a way to say thanks and to make you smile.

So just leave me a hello here wherever you are, I’ll leave it open for a week or so and pick a name out of the virtual mixing bowl.

After that, why don’t you pop round to Kirsty’s and check out some wonderfully creative girls.

♥ ✗

Cheers to a great life

Thank you to all that have sent me messages, I do love reading them but I unfortunately haven’t been able to reply back to you personally.

For those that have been reading, it has been a long and horrible 3 weeks for our family.
We discovered that my dad was ill and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him yesterday morning with great sorrow.

I really do appreciate your sweet words and it does help in the grieving process to be able to talk about it.

Thank you to sweet friends with messages and gifts along the way.

Thank you again for reading and visiting.