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Happy Friday

Last day of school holidays, it’s a beautiful winter’s day, we are drawing, painting and baking.

Hope you are having a fabulous day, I am going to have a cup of tea and continue the baking for a hoot cake for a little one year old girl.

Pop round to Brenda’s for some birthday giveaways and wish her a happy birthday too

also Happy birthday Beky!

Happy Friday

Thank you so very much for leaving such sweet words on my self-portrait, I really, really appreciate your comments always and love that you liked the cake in progress as well.  
Sorry, I didn’t manage to reply personally to you but you all had me smiling with your sweetness.
I thought I’d share the finished cake with you, it was made for an order for a spaceship crazy 3-year-old boy and inspired by this awesome illustration.  
I have been told the cake was delicious but you know that’s all good to hear from the parents but what I absolutely loved was the look on this sweet little boys face when he saw it…priceless!
Hope you are enjoying your Friday, we have been enjoying the rain outside and hoping it will stop for the weekend festivities.

Hugs and thanks again for making me smile and hello to new friends that are joining along ♥

Ta daaaaaa ♥

After your amazing words of encouragement and a little bit of guidance, I sat on the couch after the little ones went to bed tissue box on one side (bad cold) the heater on and finished it off.

And you know what…it was so much fun to do and I enjoyed the whole process.

Hope my mum likes it, Amelie saw it this morning and loves it(isn’t the hair hilarious!)


Have a happy Friday friends, hope it’s an exciting one, I’m baking cakes today