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On the first day of Christmas

Happy December to you all, the countdown has officially started and our advent calendar is up.

The kids both loved decorating each box but they don’t know what’s inside yet, first noodle box will be revealed after school.


I love getting the kids involved in things and because this is really all for them, I thought it would be the perfect way to countdown to Christmas.

Pegs decorated with washi tape and hung on twine.


There are craft treats or sweet treats in every box and to avoid disappointment, there are two treats in every box.
They both agreed that they will take it in turns each day to open a box and they get to choose which treat in the box is theirs.
I even included some special notes as I know Amelie is loving her new reading skills.


So what are you up to for the first day of Christmas?

Do you have an advent calendar? 
I’d love to see it if you have posted it.

Happy creating to you ♥

My Creative Space…

Today is all about amusing the little people around here while I get some baking done for the Made n Thornbury winter market tomorrow.  
Looking forward to it and hope you can pop by for some handmade goodness and support the wonderful talents of many women. 
Also a BIG thank you to the amazing woman behind this fabulous market, Justine, who is leaving the neighbourhood house at the end of the week. You’ll definitely be missed Justine!



So today we are creatively baking, food colour painting, dressing up and of course thanks to a sweet gift from a super sweet lady they look super good whilst doing that!
Hope you are happily creating, I wonder what the beret-wearing Ms Kirsty is up to today.

Happy day ♥

My Creative Space…


Just a bit wet at the moment after our walk this morning in the rain.
I have been playing around with these and the kids love them. 
It’s nothing you haven’t seen around before, but it’s something that encourages their imagination and calm role play which is definitely a good thing.
Hope you are having a wonderfully creative day, there’s definitely a whole lot over here.

my kinder day

Today we had a fabulous baking experience at Amelie’s kinder where the kids helped bake vanilla cupcakes (can’t go wrong) and decorated them all by themselves.



Amelie wrote her name by herself for the first time on a painting she did which was a wonderful thing to witness.


Spending the day at kinder I have a new appreciation for kinder teachers because they really are fabulous and I love that my little girl is in such a wonderful environment before she begins her long school life.

Hope you are having a great week so far, my head is still a little fuzzy but I am guessing it’s this sudden burst of heat we have had the last few days.
Ahhhh, Melbourne weather, it really does give us a variety.