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My Creative Space…some more kids drawing embroidery

After seeing Amelie’s library bag there was a “why you not make me one?” request from Aidan, so I have started on his work of art and promised him it will be done next week as the next couple of days will be a bit chaotic around here.
There will be some serious baking going on for my favourite market on this Saturday.  
If you are in the area it is a great little market to visit.



Happy creating wherever you may be and for some serious creativity pop over here
Enjoy the sunshine my friends ♥ 

Happy List

Sometimes things around us just don’t play by our rules, maybe it’s the weather, our jobs, our kids, our friends or just something that isn’t going right.
I have had a 3-year-old rule my life the last few weeks with horrible screams and tantrums and as much as I have wanted to hide from him, I, of course, couldn’t.

So instead of giving into him, I am enjoying the things around me that make me happy.

fresh lettuce and tomato sandwiches


lentils and rice for dinner
with fresh carrots


chickens pecking away in the wet, wet grass
eating carrots in the tyre swing



making fruit mince tart mixture for the market on Saturday



Do you have a happy list?
Hope you have a happy day wherever you are ♥

My Creative Space…

Today is all about amusing the little people around here while I get some baking done for the Made n Thornbury winter market tomorrow.  
Looking forward to it and hope you can pop by for some handmade goodness and support the wonderful talents of many women. 
Also a BIG thank you to the amazing woman behind this fabulous market, Justine, who is leaving the neighbourhood house at the end of the week. You’ll definitely be missed Justine!



So today we are creatively baking, food colour painting, dressing up and of course thanks to a sweet gift from a super sweet lady they look super good whilst doing that!
Hope you are happily creating, I wonder what the beret-wearing Ms Kirsty is up to today.

Happy day ♥