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A market or two…

I have been battling with a head cold turned migraine the last two days and now I am up to my ears in flour, dough, sprinkles, icing….you name it.

We have two markets on tomorrow, the wonderful Northside Makers Market and The Gardens Market.

Would love to see you there, you may even find some gorgeous handmade stuffs and a cupcake or two there aswell. (this blatant advertising tells you more)

Hope you have a great day today, I’ll have another cup of lemon honey tea and some paracetamol and let you know how I go.

Another birthday

After an exhausting few days baking and preparing for yesterdays fabulous market we are now surrounded by the aftermath.

So after our big clean up we are off to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday mum!….sorry I didn’t bake you a cake.
I’ll give you my heart instead 🙂
Enjoy your weekend beautiful friends and pop on over here for a market roundup.
I was so worn out that my camera didn’t even make an appearance yesterday but there are pics here if you want a peek, by the lovely ladies themselves.

Market hangover

Remember that feeling of partying all night and then having to go to uni in the morning and feeling sleep deprived and a little hung over?

Well, that’s how we felt all day yesterday due to a baking induced hangover and no sleep.

Luckily we had my lovely and always smiling sister-in-law there to look after the hungry crowd.

Overall it was a fabulous market, wonderful stalls once again, great crowd and of course the best craft table in town.

Speaking to the other stallholders it did appear quieter than the previous market but it was a little windy outside despite the rain holding off.

My wonderfully talented and creative sister was there with her beautiful wares.


and we had some lovely friends drop by for a much-needed visit (I am actually trying to hold my head up on the little one :p) .


There will be more photos coming that I will post on the Northside Makers Flickr group when I have finally come out of this hung over state.

Fabulous market organisers thank you and for those that I saw throughout the day, please do not think that I am always so ‘spaced out’…just tired.✗