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Pear Muffins

Week one of school holidays has come to an end and I am still here, haven’t gone crazy yet but hey, there’s still time!

We have done a few things together this week and these muffins were a good outdoor treat for the little ones.

It’s a quick recipe if you have people coming over and smell absolutely delicious coming out of the oven.

If you don’t have sour cream in the fridge, just use yoghurt instead. 

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It’s been a little quiet round here…

I feel like I have been hiding this last week, peeking a little into your lives yet not sharing any of my life with you.
Mothers day went by and I felt a little sad.  A little part of me wanted my dad to see what a great mum I am or one that I hoped to be.
It’s strange but I just missed him so much, I thought I was dealing with the grief and all of a sudden it just came flooding back.
Sorry, I don’t have many words this week but I invite you for a cup of tea and a glimpse at a few things we’ve been up to
mother’s day heart pillow for my mum


mother’s day heart pillow for my little sis


toy picnic using vintage picnic set in a suitcase found on the nature strip



op shopping with my little guy



  hanging out with my little assistant


 making birthday cakes


 enjoying autumn


Enjoy a cupcake and see you soon friends and if you feel like voting, please pop round here


for lazy weekend mornings at home with the kiddies, drawing, making play dough and spending time with my girl after a long and emotional week at school



for wonderful op shop finds (15 of them!!)

for kids making cupcakes


for nearly empty cookie jars (means the cookies were yummy)


for cheeky smiles (minus the tantrums)



and for inspiring mummy bloggers and friends that make me smile

Hope your weekend is filled with gratefulness(and some twine) 


I am not a complainer, I do get annoyed at certain things but mostly I am happy to be around to enjoy the little things, things that make me smile, things that I am grateful to have, people I am grateful to be around.
I haven’t always been like this, maybe it’s being around young, innocent, playful minds that inspires me to look at life with a smile.
Here’s a few of my grateful moments, 
I must, MUST start with tea


 happy drawings of me



 a specially made pic for his sister



  additions to the bed family






op shop magazines






 wonderful smiles
Hope you have a happy, smiley, sunshiney day full of grateful moments of your own.

Hugs ♥

My Creative Space…

We’ve had some chaotic creativity today that involved rain, car problems, kinder, cakes and cupcakes.

I have a cake order and some cupcakes to finish so I need to hurry up and get it sorted before I head off to an exciting exhibition.
Last night I transformed a thrifted dress into an apron but there is absolutely not a second to spare for photographs and the rain outside isn’t helping at all so all I have is the before pic.


Hope you’re having a day full of creativity.
I promise to visit tomorrow as right now, I am slowly working myself up to a little bit of a panic attack.