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Photo tip – Composition

When you photograph something do you ever think about composition, or do you try and include alot of things in the frame to get your message across?

In order to communicate something to your viewer you need to ensure that your subject matter is dominant and that your composition complements what you are trying to communicate.

You need to allow your viewer to explore your image without complicating the overall point you are trying to communicate and decreasing the importance of your subject.

Next time you photograph something stop and look at the overall composition, avoid placing the main subject in the centre of the image and try and use the whole frame in your composition.

does this ever happen to you?

Those with children in their lives will definitely understand the “photo dilemma”. you know when you just want ONE good photo of you and your kids to look at and say “awww….that’s a nice photo”.
Well today was one of those rare days when you happen to have someone else around as your photographer and you think this is THE chance to get a photo, well, not today!
Oh well, maybe next time!

On another thing, I lost my heart today somewhere in the city with all this crazy Melbourne wind 🙁
…..very upset about that, I really hope someone else is looking after it.
By the way, my next post will be my 100th, so come back for a visit, there maybe a treat for you ♥