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Last week…

was the first week of school holidays and it was good to be able to wake up without the alarm and the stress of routine

last week I finished off Amelie’s library bag using some beautiful fabric I won from this lovely lady and am SO happy that she loves it



last week we had a sweet little friend come for the day and we made and decorated cupcakes


and baked some gingerbread cookies, especially cats with m&m eyes


and last week we made some pirate cupcakes for a lovely friends sweet boys 5th birthday


belt made by Curlypops


so this week I promised Aidan I will start a library bag for him as well and also sign up here for a cushion cover swap.

If you are interested, pop round to Vic’s and sign up, everyone is welcome.


What are you up to this week?

Hope it’s filled with fabulousness ♥

This week…

is the last week before school holidays so I am making some chicken egg cozies for a few of Amelie’s school friends



this week there’s an Easter bonnet parade at Amelie’s school and we have to decorate her hat, she wants to win…(I’m nervous)



and this week the girls need some more food as the bag “accidentally” spilt in the garage  (hmmm…thank you Aidan)

What are you up to this week, want to play along?

This week…

I am not a list person, I just do.  
Now remembering to do, that is another thing.
This week I just plan to do a few simple things, too many things and I get a bit flustered.
This week my most important thing is to hang out with the little guy, he needs me, he is calmer when we do things together, I get way more cuddles and “I love you mummy”‘s and you know what…I love it, I can cuddle him all day long if he’d let me and he would let me.  
(and…I won’t get angry with him when he falls off the chair at the cafe and spills the coffees & breaks the mug…)
This week I am going to send off some cards, just because I think it’s nice to receive a handwritten message in the mail.  It won’t be anything poetic or significant, just a hello because I want to.
I got random.org to choose some names for me from here

Can you please email me your addresses girls, if you don’t mind, I’d love to send you a card.

This week I’m playing along with this chick, I hope you can play too.

Hugs to you this week ♥