Teddybears and Christening Cakes

It’s been a long day, a day with beautiful family, beautiful children and a very special day for one gorgeous little boy

 a beautifully made teddy bear * became a christening cake topper


red velvet and vanilla layer cake with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate ganache



rose cupcakes with vanilla buttercream
and one tired but very peaceful little boy

Happy christening my beautiful little nephew and now new godson

* Jess you are awesome!!

  • Brilliant! I absolutely adore your sweet take on Jess's bear.
    The two of you are such clever and gorgeous cookies.
    I hope you have the most wonderful week. x

  • Oh how beautiful – the cakes, the teddies, and that beautiful baby boy! xx

  • Gorgeous Miss Cathie…… so gorgeousxx

  • You already know this, but you are so clever. This cake is so perfect for a christening. And your photos are delicious as always. xx

  • Oh, Cathie! Your talent knows no bounds, my friend. How absolutely scrumptious! J x

  • beautiful! just beautiful…

  • Having tasted your red velvet cupcakes … I am completely drooling over that layer cake!!!
    Congratulations to you and yours.

  • Ummmm… I think I need a slice of that cake.

    Love the teddy cake topper!!

  • Congratulations on becoming godmother to such a gorgeous boy! The cake is brilliant and such a perfect tribute to Jess's teddy. Now go put your feet up!XX

  • Congratulations Godmum!
    Love that the cake topper matches Jess's lovely teddy. Looks like a wonderful day of celebration.

  • Cathie you cake is just perfect and such a beautiful gift to give with one of Jess's sweet bears. It sounds like you had a great day with family, making you smile. Have a happy week my friend. xo

  • Couldn't decide which bear was cuter, but then I saw your sweet nephew x

  • So sweet – the teddy cake looks yummy xo

  • OOOOH I LOVE Kermit the Cake topper.
    My god you're amazing, you've captured Kermit perfectly!
    And no you're awesome xoooxoxo

  • Cathie, you are such a talent… the cake (inside and out) and the photos (especially the one featuring your gorgeous sleeping nephew). Love and beauty abounds in your world 🙂

  • That cake looks amazing – I love the little teddy on it. Welcome to the world little man and congrates Aunty/God Mummy:)

  • Oh Cathie, gorgeous photos! What a precious little bubba :o)
    The cakes look amazing. Mouth watering material ;o)
    Sounds like a wonderful day all round.

  • Congratulations Godmum! That red velvet cake looks amazing, wow!

  • What beautiful things to celebrate a very special day..that teddy is the cutest.

  • oh i love this idea for a cake topper, your photos are gorgeous Cathie, i love reading you xx

  • Adorable….you make everything so sweet and special. xoxox hugs

  • Kermit looks as divine as the cake he's topping. And the little love who's the man of the hour looks pretty sweet, too! Congratulations, Cathie…

  • What special makings for a special little one! What talented and lovely ladies you are!
    Your cake has made me come over with a serious craving.

  • awww such a lovely post Cathie so very sweet, dee x

  • You ARE a baking queen, Cathie. And a photographer queen too.
    Enjoy your Monday sweet friend. My Sunday is coming to an end o xx o

  • Kat

    Cute! I love the little bear topper. It perfectly matches the bear!

  • So beautiful, Love it all!

  • gorgeous! your bear & cake go perfectly together, very special..x

  • Okay Cathie this is just soooo sweet! I love love love that last pic of the little guy 🙂 What a sweet little bear to snuggle with!

  • Bel

    Looks gorgeous – very talented Cathie :o)

  • sorry…what was that you said. I didn't get past the "red velvet and vanilla layer cake with vanilla butter cream and white chocolate ganache"

    Great ted MRS. xx

  • How beautiful, Cathie! I am hungry and awwwwing too!

  • Ahhhh gorgeous!!! you will have to tell me what red velvet cake is like…..is it any diff to traditional cake?! I must try one day (p.s still working on making it on Sunday will let you know asap) XO

  • that cake looks delicious … as does that cute little boy with his soft teddy. x

  • So..you are a godmother now?I wish I could be there but…Could you please give a big kiss to little Marcus and a huuuuuuuuuuge hug to Elena?(I believe she has superpowers!Three boys?Come on….xexexexe)
    Lots and lots of love…♥

  • So beautiful Cathie, I just love your cake. What a great idea!! How wonderful to be a godmother, and what a lucky baby to have someone as special as you in his life. That last photo is divine xo

  • both of those bears are wonderful and hooray for babies!

  • wow! so beautiful! i love that last picture and your creations always amaze me. i don't think i've ever seen more love put into a cake or cupcake than you clearly put in.

  • Those pictures are so adorable you can probably hear me squealing all the way from here.

  • So much talent m.e.

  • I just heard your blog being reviewed on Hope 103.2FM. Love your photography and the Christening cake for that special young man is incredible.

  • Gooorgeous! Sweet little bears.

  • So sweet Cathie! Looks like a wonderful day xx

  • such beautiful creations Cathie. I have been catching up with your last few posts, I haven't been in blogland much at all lately for a couple of months actually, a visit here and there a quick post of my own, nothing very creative. I hope things are turning around now and I can get back into it. I hope to pop back more often xxxx

  • So utterly perfect I almost shed a tear. x

  • You are such a sweet Auntie! The teddy bear cake topper is adorable, not to mention the teddy bear also. <3 Cat

  • What a special little cake, and awwww… that last photo is just adorable!

  • Your nephew/god son is so adorable as is his cake 🙂

  • Extremely cute cake – you did such a fantastic job of recreating the teddy.

  • beautiful! you are amazing x