Thank you

Thank you for leaving me such sweet birthday wishes and for making me smile and reconfirm what a big heart our blog community has.

We spent the week away in a magical place full of wonderful animals, nature, beaches and many giggles along the way

Just the thing needed to get the batteries re-energised for the upcoming next few weeks of workshops and markets

I was lucky enough to win a fabulous giveaway at one of the most sweetest places in the blogosphere,  Bluebird Notes and this time I thought of me first and got myself something to make me smile and wear close to my heart from the amazing The Rusted Chain.


So it has been a wonderful break and now back to reality and the washing…why does reality always include washing??!
I thank you for the virtual hugs and beautiful, beautiful sweet words.

Many hugs to you and I look forward to popping by to read your news.