Thank you

Thank you for leaving me such sweet birthday wishes and for making me smile and reconfirm what a big heart our blog community has.

We spent the week away in a magical place full of wonderful animals, nature, beaches and many giggles along the way

Just the thing needed to get the batteries re-energised for the upcoming next few weeks of workshops and markets

I was lucky enough to win a fabulous giveaway at one of the most sweetest places in the blogosphere,  Bluebird Notes and this time I thought of me first and got myself something to make me smile and wear close to my heart from the amazing The Rusted Chain.


So it has been a wonderful break and now back to reality and the washing…why does reality always include washing??!
I thank you for the virtual hugs and beautiful, beautiful sweet words.

Many hugs to you and I look forward to popping by to read your news.

  • What a lovely post Cathie!
    So pleased you had a very Happy Birthday. Beautiful photos of your well deserved trip away.
    have a great week, Dee x

  • Cat

    I missed your birthday! Oh how awful. Happy Birthday wonderful lady! I do so care for you, really!

    I LOVE your photos and it looks like a wonderful time. I LOVE Kangaroo Island and would have loved to have had the opportunity to catch you for a tea on your way through to KI. And your necklace is just gorgeous, I'm thrilled you thought of yourself.


  • Sorry I missed your birthday, too!! Sounds like a lovely break…..

    At least while you do the washing, you can imagine seals and pelicans and waves….

  • Welcome back Cathie!
    Looks like you all had such a wonderful time – that place looks gorgeous! Much love , Jxx

  • HI Cathie, I missed your birthday but glad you had a beautiful day x Tanya

  • Looks like a great time away was had by all. Your photos make me wish I was there too. Sorry I missed your birthday, so belated wishes for you instead. x

  • Jen

    this is so beautiful. looks like a nice birthday!!
    have a happy year!

  • Late Birthday wishes my friend….what a magical place you were at…I could really use a beach and some water right now!

    Thank you for your sweet are sooo kind..and I love love love what you ordered yourself…xoxoxoxoxo

    Blessing for a great week.

  • Lovely photos!

  • Jane

    Gorgeous photos, Cathie, and such beautiful words – I love the necklaces! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! 🙂

  • What gorgeous pictures, it really does look like a magical place. Glad you had a lovely birthday & a wonderful time away..x

  • Ahhh… I feel refreshed just looking at those gorgeous photos. Welcome back 🙂

  • Oh what a lovely brithday break!! Do you ever take a bad photo my darling?? So glad i got a tutu like that for one of my girls for Christmas, they are so beautiful. Love Posie

  • beautiful photos, love them love them HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY

  • Awwww Cathie, what adorable photo's i love the photo of your daughter at the start ow much freedom does that show beautiful, and were those seals? wow so close to nature. I am so glad to hear you had a lovely week away. Washing is the worst bit about returning home that and the unpacking. But to finish your post another stunning photo, its so cold here at the moment that your post warmed me up. Have a lovely week. dee x

  • Belated Happy Birthday! Kangaroo Island does look magical and your photos are wonderful! 🙂


  • Dear Cathie, I ADORE the shot of you and your princess!!! The prettiest!!! Happy birthday!!! I am so glad you are happy and your days are filled with joy and family!! LOVE!! Bela

  • Lovely photos. Glad you had a wonderful week away, and a great birthday.

  • Oh bummer, I missed your birthday too Cathie. Well I do hope it was a wonderful day and that you had a fabulous week away, the photos are gorgeous, especially the black and white shot 🙂 xxx

  • cathieee :))) happy birthday!!!!! (i'm very late sorryy)
    I wish to be happy for life! 🙂
    the photos are awesome (especially black-white photo and first photo)

  • this is the sweetest post ever!!!! Cathie, my daughter and I always say "love you to the moon"…how precious!…and the seal photos, wow. loving this. so glad you had a wonderful time.

    one love.

  • Sounds lovely! See you again soon. Lou.

  • That sounds like an awesome Birthday celebration!LOVE those pics.Take it easy (like they say around here :)) xx

  • welcome home…what a beautiful post.
    now i must go research kangaroo island.

  • Heavenly!!! I don't think their is anything more wonderful than the beach!!! Love your pics & that shell pic is super cool….& the kids….adorable!

  • Hi Cathie !
    A late birthday wish for you!
    The photo at the end is beautiful ~ definitely composed for a frame!
    Your new necklace is also so lovely. enjoy celebrating the beginning of a new year!

  • Oops, I must have missed our birthday post. Happy Birthday Cathie! Gorgeous pictures as always sounds like you had the best time away.

  • Oh Cathie, I LOVE your photos! Every post of yours fills me with joy because of the gorgeous visuals you add.
    Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  • You have such a nice blog. It is so funny that I happened upon it because my Lil Sis and BIL just went to Australia for 2.5 weeks. They visited Kangaroo Island while they were there. I am dying to see photos but they are making us all wait til Christmas so they can put together a "show." I can't wait! TGIF!

  • Belated birthday wishes, glad to hear you enjoyed the vacation. Your photos bring lots of energy to me as well, I'm struggling with a dark winter season here 🙂

  • Bec

    I missed your birthday!! I have been a terrible blogger buddy lately 🙁 So glad to hear you had a lovely weekend away, it looks like an amzing place, not too far from me either, I will add it to my list! That last photo is the absolute best ever, I really love it, your sweet little girl and you are such a stunner!

  • It sounds like you had a wonderful time away, relaxing and spoiling yourself, just what you needed. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. xo