Thank you

Thank you for your sweet words and virtual hugs, I have been overwhelmed by the love but unfortunately haven’t been able to reply to you personally.

Sorry if I haven’t replied to your emails, it just became too hard.

I won’t be able to pop round for a bit so I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated every single message I received, sweet smelling surprises in the mail, beautiful flowers and lovely visits.
Hugs and happy September to you ♥

  • No apologies needed…..Just glad to add a little love in your day.

  • WOW doesn't it do your heart good to know so many gorgeous girls care. Hope your days are becoming easier Darling Cathie. xo

  • You do what you have to do sweetheart, we'll all be here when you come back.


  • Isn't that the sweetest heart…I hope each day beacomes a little easier, take care x

  • Take care lovely, see you when you feel better.xo

  • I hope your September is a happy one Cathie, take a step back and enjoy all of the love that surrounds you.

  • sending you love from across oceans.

  • Bec

    Big hugs, follow your heart xx

  • OH my lovely Cathie, I wish that more and more little happy moments will fill your hearts and days now…Take care XO

  • HI Cathie, I wish for you it didn't hurt so much too. I will hold you in my heart, sweet and lovely one. I hope you can enjoy your happy memories enough to find a smile in the pain xx

  • O Cathie,
    I promise you from personal experience; it does get better. Your little family will keep you so busy that life will all of a sudden appear brighter and you will wonder how life can so good after all.

  • oh my friend…I have not visited for a while…I am sooo sorry….sending you as many hugs as I can. I wish I could take the hurt away!!!! xoxoxox

  • your blog is full of tasty smells and sweet images ;>>

  • Happy September to you too – thank you for all the lovely blog posts – x

  • Big hugs to you and so sorry to hear about your dad. Take care,

  • Sorry I missed this Cathie. Big hugs and all the love to you and your family at such a hard time. xo

  • even if it is already one month past…
    also from me a big hug