Thank YOU

Words cannot possibly express how you have made me feel with your wonderfully sweet words, personal stories and how you made my heart feel hugged with the fact that you just listened.

I wasn’t able to reply to you personally, I hope you understand, I really don’t know how to ever thank you….so I guess I’ll leave you with a picture….

Thank YOU

  • Oh Cathie… I am glad you can feel a little comfort with everybody words!Have a lovely weekend sweet ladyXX

  • Cathie…I had to follow all the links in your last post, I obviously haven't been following you quite long enough. So sorry you've had a tough week, it's very hard to lose a loved one like that. My mum died when I was 21, it was a sad, sad time.

    Enjoy your family this weekend, virtual hugs to you.x

  • Cat

    I'm glad you can feel the love, you deserve to be surrounded by the warmth you very much put out there yourself. Much love to you and yours. Happy weekend. xoxo

  • So very like you. Still thinking of ways to be nice to everyone else. Hope the weekend holds some quiet time so you can rest and restore. Lisa x

  • 🙂 it is our pleasure (because we know that we would get the same of you if the shoe was on the other foot)

  • sending you hugs. enjoy your weekend.

  • No need for thanks – just enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family 🙂 and keep taking those gorgeous photographs! Hope the morning tea went well in Thurs!

  • We all look out for each other so there is no need for thanks. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  • Pam

    As the others have said lovely Cathie, no need for thanks, it's something I, and I'm sure everyone else too, just want to naturally do for one of our blogging family when they are so sad. 🙂
    But thanks for the sweet picture anyhoo. x

  • Your piece is the cutest, Cathie. I adore those fabrics and colors! Sending a huge hug and a big kiss your way for a lovely day. Hoping you are also enjoying a lot of happy thoughts again. xx

  • xoxoxoxo

  • Just know you are loved!

  • hugs. warmth. comfort. air tissues. more hugs.

  • Lovely pic and words xx

  • Hope the sun is shining on you today!

  • hugs and kisses from me! xo m.

  • You're welcome! x

  • Oh, Possum. Big hugs, right at you. xx

  • Hi I found you through ms leany's blog, then I went to katiekrackernuts and there you were again! Love your blog. You are my kind of blogger. The chocolate cherry cake has got me hungry…. arrrgh grief, I know that one too xxx

  • Ah, I am feeling pretty darn scattered today. Just went looking for the hunk of banana and walnut cake I cut for my morning tea from the cake I baked last night. Banana, check. Curry for lunch, check. Apple, check. Where is my flippin' cake!

  • Isn't that the best part of blogging? making friends with so many wonderful people who truly care. Aren't we so blessed?