This week…

I am not a list person, I just do.  
Now remembering to do, that is another thing.
This week I just plan to do a few simple things, too many things and I get a bit flustered.
This week my most important thing is to hang out with the little guy, he needs me, he is calmer when we do things together, I get way more cuddles and “I love you mummy”‘s and you know what…I love it, I can cuddle him all day long if he’d let me and he would let me.  
(and…I won’t get angry with him when he falls off the chair at the cafe and spills the coffees & breaks the mug…)
This week I am going to send off some cards, just because I think it’s nice to receive a handwritten message in the mail.  It won’t be anything poetic or significant, just a hello because I want to.
I got to choose some names for me from here

Can you please email me your addresses girls, if you don’t mind, I’d love to send you a card.

This week I’m playing along with this chick, I hope you can play too.

Hugs to you this week ♥

  • Oh I adore those images especially the bottle..
    I am so not a list person either, not even if I wanted to be one could I..

  • What a wonderful post and Amanda's right the images are wonderful.
    Enjoy your week with all of its cuddliness.

    xx Felicity

  • I am not a list person either… I have tried on several occasions, but they do not work for me!… I just go with the flow, and if it is missed, then I was not meant to do that thing in my "head" list. beautiful photos xx

  • Tas

    Sounds like a great, relaxing way to approach your week. I am a list person- because I do forget. Every increasingly, it seems, as I have hit my 40s…

  • I'm impressed! I couldnt survive without my lists…so much so that it usually looks like a pack of post-it notes exploded across my desk.

  • Hi Cathie! So good to visit again, and see your beautiful photos.

    I've just started making lists again, it seems the only way to get through what needs to be done at the moment.

    I hope you have a week of gorgeous hugs – with your gorgeous boy!xx

  • Gorgeous pictures…that sounds like a great way to spend the weekend 🙂
    your little guy is just so lucky to have such an awesome mommy 🙂

  • We just had my hubby's parents staying with us for three weeks, which I could tell was a bit hard on 2.5yo boy. It wasn't until after they left and he gave me a hug that I realised he had rarely hugged me while the house had been overfull of people. They really do need personal attention to feel their best.

  • Vic

    Beautiful pictures & beautiful sentiments, where on the same wavelength this week. xx

  • What a thoughtful and caring idea, Cathie. You have a huge heart. J x

  • What a lovely idea to send cards in the mail. I'm adding to my list! Have a lovely week!

  • TK

    Mr is ALWAYS on at me for doing a list & then not following it!!! but life is so much more interesting that way I think!! Funny thing, this year I have gone back to doing handwritten notes to friends etc…a girlfriend gave me this beautiful writing paper set at Christmas & it inspired me to write by hand more…what a lovely thing for you to do. Enjoy the moments this week! TK xx

  • I am making a to do list this week too – it will feature all the things I want to do with the kids – sewing, ping pong, etc. More time with them 🙂 Have a good time with your little one

  • seems we're all enjoying hanging out with our kiddiwinks at the moment. i'm enjoying having mine back all to myself after having to share her with grandma for three months!

  • damm meant to say before……thanks so much for the carrot cupcake recipe. i tried it last week and we all loved it.

  • Oh, you are too gorgeous! Have a lovely week enjoying cuggles from your little guy. I am sure you will get LOTS of "I love you's"

  • YAY my name came out the hat 🙂 Gorgeous pictures and a wonderful Monday morning post.

    Going to email you now…

  • Oh that top photo is all kids of wonderful!
    And nope, i'm not a list gal either.
    I do hope you have a great and happy week.

  • I wish you have a wonderful week, beautiful Cathie!!
    Much love to you!!

  • I, too, am a fly by the seat of my pants kind. HELP!

  • so gorgeous like you Cathie. And lucky me I get a card from you ( and hopefully see you too)

  • What a sweet idea – the cards, I mean. I still haven't thanked you for the last one from you and your birthday-girl!!

    Take it easy (and hug and squeeze that little fella while you can! He'll be all grown up too soon….).

  • Your cards look so gorgeous!!! Lucky chicks to be chosen. I hope you enjoy your week Cathie & that it is full of sunshine & happiness XO

  • I always have lists for everything to 😉 Beautiful photo's as always, have a lovely week, dee x

  • You my friend are so sweet…I am wanting to do some baking this week…new sprinkles and cupcake holders are soooo waiting for me.
    Love and hugs…enjoy every single moment.

  • ooooh! i feel so loved. you are so sweet cathie. i would give you my address here – but we are leaving it in 3 weeks! i'm not sure it would make it here in time and i'd be so sad to not get your note. i will email you the address to which we are moving to. thanks cathie. i feel love. : ) xo
    p.s. i know just what you mean about giving the little guy more attention and the rewards from it. am adding it to my list this week too.

  • Oh yes, do hang out with your little guy – in a short little while he'll be bigger than you! Love your idea of sending cards out – and all these pix have such a nice feel about them!

  • I hope you have a lovely week Cathie, and long live good old fashioned post!

  • What a nice idea, I'm sure your card recipients will be most grateful.
    I'm a big, big list person, in fact I'd better go and write tomorrow's list!

  • Such a sweet post! You seem to have a great relationship with your kids. That's wonderful! As always, I love your pictures. I love how they are the same width of your posting area. I have started having mine the same size, and I love it! Hugs, Natalie <3

  • I made a 'to do' list for tomorrow. It's my birthday and I want to thoroughly enjoy it. This way I can celebrate in multiple small ways AND have the satisfaction of crossing them off my list!

  • I've always been an list girl. I'm loving your blog too…especially the beautiful pics xx

  • oh you are a lovely one:) i just love the first image, made me smile, i used to be a list girl…

  • Your photos are always so beautiful. I am not a list girl, I write them sometimes but then forget to look at them again. Sometimes I rediscover a list and it upsets me that I have failed to tick off a single thing 😉 So it is actually for the best that I don't make them. I hope I see you at Thread Den market. x

  • How lovely. I love reading your posts. The photo of the flowers is just bliss and hanging out with your wee guy sounds perfect! x

  • Really gorgeous photos here Cathie and beautifully styled. I don't function without a list 🙂

  • Hi Cathie!!

    What a sweet surprise! You are so right! It is lovely to receive a handwritten note! I can't wait! 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

    That will be a perfect treat!

    Your spilled coffee made me smile…2 nights ago at a little diner…both kids spilled their soda! & it drove me nuts! But that is why I make them get sprite…then when it spills on MY lap…I don't have brown pants 🙂

    It has been a crazy week! Going in to have the babe tomorrow so I am getting behind in my visiting & forget to do lots of things on my non exixtent list too 🙂 Well I figure if I forget to do it…just one less thing to do 🙂

    Thanks again Cathie!! You made my morning! Now off to the zoo with 3 rascals! Enjoy your cuddles with the little guy!

  • Hey Cathie! you know i am the biggest list maker , i cant survive without them, they really get me where i need to go. Enjoy your cuddles with your boy, and what a lovely gesture to send a card, you are such a sweetheart! xxx

  • Sounds beautiful. I wish you a sweet weekend with things and people you love the most.

  • You have an absolutely gorgeous blog, I am so happy to have found you!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  • i'm with you on the not too many things in one day. i hate to be rushed or too busy. . .

  • It's lovely to get stuff in the mail, thanks for the prompt Cathie. I think I will do that this weekend.
    Happy weekend to you.

  • Lucky ladies, having myself a sad week, love Posie