This week…

is the last week before school holidays so I am making some chicken egg cozies for a few of Amelie’s school friends



this week there’s an Easter bonnet parade at Amelie’s school and we have to decorate her hat, she wants to win…(I’m nervous)



and this week the girls need some more food as the bag “accidentally” spilt in the garage  (hmmm…thank you Aidan)

What are you up to this week, want to play along?

  • We having nothing exciting planned (in other words not easter hat making).

    My daughter is turning 3 tomorrow so we'll be celebrating – and toilet training. xx

  • I hope you have the most wonderous week Ms Cathie!
    That chooken in the front looks like it is wearing a lacey top over her feathers. Maybe you need to come for a visit. We have a whole shipping container full of feed wheat. X

  • Those chook egg cozies are adorable! Maybe you could bribe the bonnet parade judges with some baked goods?

  • You've reminded me that I have some lovely knitted egg cozies tucked away in a box which I should really start using again.

    Your little happy hens were a treat to see this morning,

    Felicity x

  • I love those egge cozies!!
    We have the same pressure this week for the easter hat parade! Just been informed that we need to make one for the other girl too !!

  • How CUTE!!!! Good luck on the bonnet parade!

    This week we have 'time day' day on Friday and I need to come up with three costumes for the Frills, we have appointments coming out of our ears too and I've got lots of writing to do. I'll be glad when the week is OVER. Bring on the holidays I say xxx

  • The egg cosy's are just gorgeous! I am going to see if Master N is interested in any of the Easter Crafts I have planned this week. I am not getting my hopes up!

    Have a great week Cathie!

  • your egg cosy's and your chickens are gorgeous cathie!


  • TK

    oh egg cosies how lovely….yesterday I was at the chemists getting some MORE drugs for my sick chicks and spied these cute egg cups…thinking of getting them for my nephews as we are spending Easter together this year which is quite a treat as we all live so far apart…have a lovely week sweet girl, TK xx

  • Vic

    Oh your girls are so cute! What sort of chookie is the speckled one?

    Good luck with the easter bonnet – I remember some weird ones from my own youth…

  • So cute. We have been making Easter Cards with quilled paper.

    My week is full of trying to write to Essays before school holidays so I can just be a mumma all school holidays!

    rach xo

  • Oh wow, Cathie, I love your chooks!!! because of all the wet weather we've been having up here, one of our two girls passed away, and then a week later, our other one died of a broken heart. She had pined herself away. Bit of a shock though, as she was so healthy and happy before her friend died. So we are in the market for a couple of chickens. I'd love one like yours, the one on the right! Do you know what breed she is?
    Decorate the bonnet in flowers with blue birds and a nest with eggs!

  • Oh I love those egg cosies !! Lucky Amelie's friends! speaking of lucky, thank you so much for my beautiful card and message, I'm so lucky to have you as a friend.
    hope you have the best week ever xo

  • You are such a lovely Mumma to make those for her friends:) I really should pull my finger out – One of the Mum's from Amelia's school is organising an egg hunt at her place after school on Thursday (next week) Was thinking of knitting finger puppets – might sew some instead:)

    This week is not our last week of school – wish it was.

  • the chicken egg cosies are VERY cute! 🙂

  • Tas

    Oh I do like those cosies. Look forward to seeing how the hat decorating goes 🙂

  • Love your egg cosies, too cute!

  • aaahhh sweet egg cosies 😉 Can't wait to see the hat how sweet that must be to do that. The joys of having a girl 😉 Enjoy your week, dee x

  • seriously cute egg cosies !
    Amelie's buddies are going to love them 🙂
    And good timing – Easter Bonnet Parade – better get a shimmie on here too , thanks for the reminder !
    Very fine loking hens – i suspect they have a very very good life.

  • A quiet week this week. Husband is away for work and I am trying to pack in as much work as possible before the offspring are home with me for the holidays. Love the hen pics!

  • love the egg warmers – very sweet. have seen some but yours are lovely.

  • oh that's such a fun school thing- I wish my kids school had an easter bonnet parade (I mightn't wish that if it actually did). Mum and Dad had to take the trailer in one year for one of my 'creations'- it was a trillion flat square polystyrene blocks stacked on top of each other with a bit of spray paint and a lot of crepe paper. I don't remember if I won or not, but I am sure I wanted to as well!

  • Those egg cozies are soooo adorable! Well done!

  • OMG you have a Golden black laced wyandotte chook!! I have started collecting the silver laced. they are one pretty bird, almost as gorgeous as those felt numbers. SUPER CUTE!!

  • I love your little cosies – too cute! This week we have already been to the ED twice, so I am hoping for a bit of peace and quiet and some healthier kids 🙂

  • I LOVE an easter bonnet parade! Good luck to your little girl. Very much looking forward to the holidays and quiet days..enjoy your week.xx

  • ah, sweet little easter cosies. Have a great week! Tnanks for your comment on fourleaves 🙂

  • oooh! i want amelie to win too! there can't be that many genius crafters at her school can there? you'll make something fantastic no matter what happens. it's all about the fun, right? love those egg cozies.

  • Your cozies are adorable! Good luck with Amelie's chapeau! Please post the pic!

  • Lou

    All the best with the easter hat parade – that certainly is putting the pressure on to want to win! I'm sure you'll do a very nice job though. Maybe see you tomorrow. Lou.

  • Lovely hat and cozies. I hope she'd win, I trust in your talent, did I put another pressure? Just have fun doing it, I know you would. Please post the photo of your master piece, I'm so thrilled about this one. Good luck to both of you.

  • Cute cozies. Sending you luck. I know how it can be, they want to win so badly, you want to help but can't make promises. Although secretly you hope they win but prepare them for a feeling of pride even if they don't. aww the work of being a Mom.

  • Those egg cosies a very cute 🙂 Good luck with the easter bonnet comp as well!

  • Your egg cozy are the coziest, sweet Cathie.

    Wishing you the sweetest dreams while I'm off for some cycling to school xxxxx

  • Sounds like a busy week…..your egg cozies and sweet chickens are adorable. This week has been not so fun here…nursing my sore back but hope to be back up and running soon..fingers and toes are crossed. xoxoxo hugs.

  • Holidays… already! Love the hat bonnet parade. I'm sure your get up will be creative and original!