I love your cheeky smile
I love your adventurous ways
I love your neverending cuddles 
I love spending time with you 
I love drinking camomile tea & watching playschool with you in the mornings
I love when you tell me secrets
I love your kisses 
and I love when you say
me love you mummy”

Happy birthday baby boy…love you ♥


Thank you so much for your sweet birthday messages

  • Wow you have made a birthday full of love for your little boy! What a busy bee Mumma you have been! I have a huge smile on my face just looking at these gorgeous pics.

  • Ash

    happy bday aidan! you've got an awesome mummy! 🙂

  • What a beautiful, beautiful birthday you've created for your gorgeous boy. There's just so much love in all those photos. Happy Birthday Aidan.

  • What gorgeous photos!
    I love your cake Aidan, I hope you had a brilliant birthday! hugs and kisses from us!xxxxoooo

  • Gorgeous! I'm loving the three's! Happy Birthday big boy!

  • Happy Birthday Aidan! The photo of the two of you is very special. Loving that beehive!

  • Pam

    It all looks fabulous Cathie! Loving the bee theme too. Well done you.
    Your pics are wonderful esp the one of you and Aidan. Very special. Hope the day was more than you hoped for. x

  • Ahh, Cathie this is the sweetest, most precious post ever. The picture of you and your lovely lovely little one is beautiful. And that cake… is one of the pretties I've ever seen! xxx

  • What a heart warming post Cathie! I love the colours of his birthday and the simple and loving feel of it all. You are so loving with your children and this shines through in your photo's and words. Hope he had the happiest of days xo ps what a thrill to see Mr Pirate getting a big hug!

  • Very cute bee theme – ♥ the cake and the decorations and photos. Looks like a day filled with fun and lots of ♥ 🙂

  • How gorgeous. What a lovely day. Love that bee hive too!

  • Happy birthday Aidan, love that bee theme! And the sweater is gorgeous, looks like a handknit? So spunky!

  • Adorable!! What a cute and creative birthday party you have put together. A big Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy!

    xo Catherine

  • Yah! He got his little buzzy bees just like he wanted…. and chocolate crackles! How cute.

  • you have been a busy bee ~ love how you have used the colours and theme
    and a BIG happy birthday to Aidan, hope you all had a very special day

  • Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan. He looks very sweet and shy with is Mum. What a special birthday you made for him Cathie. You've done a wonderful job:)xo

  • That cake!!!!!! How gorgeous!! Happy, happy Birthday Aidan! Looks like it was a great one!

  • awwww!So cute!!xx

  • Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy. Looks like he had a lovely day, full of love and yellow.

  • Super super cute cake!!! and I looooove that beehive, how cool!
    happy Birthday lil guy!!

  • Thanks for a great day 🙂 eva loved it and Lucho REALLY loved the presents waiting for him when he got home! 🙂

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday Aidan. What a gorgeous birthday celebration.

  • We had an awesome time, thanks for having us everything was beautiful……it was ofcourse made with love! Kisses to aidan, we love u buddy x

  • happy birthday aidan!!!

    that beehive is amazing cathie 🙂 xx

  • Aiden you lucky lucky much love boy !

  • Gorgeous post. Many happy returns to the birthday boy. Everything looks scrumptious as usual. I LOVE the birthday cake. x

  • Happy birthday to your beautiful boy!! You created a dream birthday for him.

  • Happy Birthday to your little man!! What a gorgeous birthday it looks like he had. xo

  • It all looks beautiful, hope everyone had a great day. Happy birthday for your little one (no doubt wanting to be a 'big boy' now)

  • Happy kid! 🙂

  • Way too cute for words today…you make me HAPPY! xoxoxo

  • stunning, you have a beautiful family and what a wonderful party!!

  • Happy Birthday to him! That is the most beautiful cake!

  • That's lovely. I hope you print out this post or write it on the back of one of those pics to give him when he's all grown. (Or, maybe to remind yourself during the growing stages) 🙂

  • Kat

    awww what a sweet post. Happy Birthday Aidan! Hope you had a fantastic day. Love the cake!

  • awww….happy birthday little one!!! Your cake looks fab! What a fantastic shot of the two of you!!! I hope you had a magic day. xx

  • Happy Birthday Aidan! The cake looks so good, and great pictures as always Cathie 🙂

  • That cake is stunning Cathie!! absolutely gorgeous….happy birthday wishes to your adorable 3 year old XO

  • oh Cathie I love it!!! so gorgeous you are so clever and your little man is so cute! my new nephew is an Aiden too altho he is spelt a little differently to yours, such a great name!! happy birthday to your Aidan! loving the layered bee cake ;o)

    ~ Samone x

  • your bumblebee cake is way way way too cute!! Love it!

  • happy birthday, what a beautiful post, thanks for sharing

  • …adorable party!…love the theme!

  • beautiful love and blessings to you and you son.
    deep sigh for beauty, my friend.

  • Oh, I am just catching up with your son's bumble bee birthday! What a talented and amazing mum he has, and what a happy boy! Seriously, the cake, the pinata, these beautiful photos–wow, Cathie. You never cease to amaze me. xoxo Gigi

  • Awwwww… tearing up a little. There is nothing like the love of a child. Just nothing sweeter.

  • Hi Cathie,

    All adorable and gorgeous and bright and yellow.

    And happy!

    Jo x

  • Cat

    He seems as beautiful as his Mama. I love what you did for his birthday! Clever lady you! 🙂 Happy (belated) birthday Aidan.

  • It's all so cute! I want you to make my birthday cake! 😀

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