Nothing much happening here today, kids are painting, I am stitching, I am cleaning the fridge, I am thinking about making dessert with the apples at the bottom of the fridge

I am thinking about putting the kettle on, I am loving this cooler weather, I am loving the kids paintings drying outside, I am admiring my rainbow hair and heart


What about you, are you up to anything exciting, wanna stay for a cuppa, I’ll put the kettle on

see you soon ♥

  • Looks cute! It's such a cosy crafting Autumn day! xo Rach

  • Yup, i'm about ready for a cuppa Cathie!
    We're supposed to be taking it easy, but ended up going to see some snakes and baby crocs etc this morn.

    We love your rainbow hair and heart too –
    gorgeous work Miss A!xx

  • Tas

    Thanks. White with one please. I'll just grab my knitting…

  • What a gorgeous idea. So lovely to stitch Amelie's drawing. I hope you show us the finished work. x

  • Ah, thank you! (I've lost count of how many cups of tea I've had today…)
    LOVE the art that is soon to be embroidery xo

  • Very cute stitching…and a cuppa sounds like a great idea here too if only I could make some time.

  • white with one please. funny I wrote earlier today about the yearning for a shared cuppa today too..
    xo jill

  • Vic

    Cathie put the kettle on,
    Cathie put the kettle on,
    Cathie put the kettle on,
    We'll all have tea in our hilarious royal wedding mugs… 😉

  • i would love nothing more than to come over for a REAL cuppa with Cathie!


  • love it. Busy is dying to do her own stitching I promised her this weekend.

  • rainbow hair is adorable. enjoy your day!

  • Lovely to finally meet you last night – I didn't get to see your embroidery – it's gorgeous.
    Good cuppa weather at the moment.

  • I hope I am not too late for a cuppa! I wouldn't mind a bit of whatever it is with the apples from the fridge too please. And what lovely embroidery!

  • I'll take the next plane, dearest Cathie. Do put that kettle on!
    The marbles season has started here, marbles all around.
    I hope your Friday will be filled with lots of fun and laughter xxxxx

  • Oh yes please – it most certainly is tea weather! Can't wait to see how that stitching progresses. Enjoy your days with your lovelies

  • awww another sweet post they always put a smile on my face, I would love to pop by for a cold drink please as i don't drink tea or coffee 😉 Enjoy your friday as today is over for you now. dee x

  • I'm loving the cooler weather too. Unfortunately my teapot broke several weeks ago and I'm yet to find a suitable replacement. Tea bags just ain't the same!

  • Yes please – I shall stay for a cuppa too (although it has warmed up today and might go and pour myself an iced coffee)
    Love the embriodery – I really should do something like this with Amelia's drawings – it might make a great mothers day gift.

  • Oh that sound like the perfect Friday to me!Lets enjoy a cuppa you are right…I just finished folding and ironing the mountain that was waiting for me!:)I think I deserve a double shot now 🙂
    Sandrine xx

  • This is tea and crafting weather isn't it?
    Love your embrodiery 🙂

  • Always love you posts!!!
    Leaving tomorrow on holidays, how exciting is that?

  • Love your stitching, Amelie draws the most lovely pictures. She is just as thoughtful as her mummy, you can tell (hearts and rainbow hair) xox

  • I would love to come for a cuppa:)

    We have a birthday party this morning then, I too will be cleaning out the fridge and pantry (maybe?) I am thinking apple crumble and custard for dinner. It's just that kind of lovely weather.

    Lovely embroidery.

  • on the way for a cuppa,,,and a nice cupcake too! 🙂

  • Oh yes…a cuppa right about now with YOU would be on my list of favourite things to do. Sending you oodles of love for today and the whole week .xo