So many things on the go today, don’t know why, just wanted to try something new…now I have a sink full of dishes I need to get back to.

Hope you had a happy day, filled with lots of new things ♥

Could you pop round here as well, a friend needs some support.


  • oh i totally agree! a lovely public holiday to lie on the couch and read. and what do i do?? attempt gnocchi FROM SCRATCH. and then out came the sewing machine!! (granted, both creations are gonna be good!) but why do we do this to ourselves?!!!

  • Oh bummer, my comment just disappeared, i'll try to be as eloquent as i was . . . um, with interstate travel, family, friends, local play dates, thrift finds, i need a week to recover from my busy long weekend. My sink is empty as my sister sent me home with all the left overs so i don't have to cook. Love Posie

  • I have been cooking up a storm this weekend, I even baked I dont do that very often – its great to have time to cook! For dinner is a chicken, vege and yellow pea stew. ♥ the cupcakes they look really yum and lovely pics as ever!

  • God monday morning!So it is here in Norway:)Your pictures totally inspires me. I think I will do some baking this afternoon.

  • I was at a very little country market but the jam and cream scones were huge. I thought about you when I was looking at them, wondering how you would photograph them. all looks fab and thanks for the link. x

  • Cathie your photography is STUNNING, I mean really, really STUNNING! This post would be perfect for Lou's 'at my house' linky today. P.S. see you tonight at Lou's maybe.

  • Mmmmm …. baking here today too. I love the photo with the jam – just beautiful!

  • Your post makes me want to bake scones RIGHT NOW! Well, maybe later, and eat strawberries and crem with it, hmmm…

  • B

    I think yours is the prettiest blog I have seen in awhile 🙂

  • Your pictures are always the pretties, Cathie. You make true little art works from the daily things, love that.
    Have a happy week! xxx XXX xxx

  • Love all of today’s shot (as usual), but that cupcake shot… it made me gasp, so beautiful. Well done, love your work.

  • Just loooooove your pictures. The jam by the way looks like its to die for. Hungry now – need to go and raid the fridge!

  • Pam

    Ok so I'm with you for the food pics, which are fab by the way(as every1 else has said!) but you've lost me with the pegs!!! lol.
    No day of new things, just tiring but satifying work cleaning out under our back deck and steps. x

  • I haven't cooked in weeks, so today I need to do some major shopping and get back to it! Going to visit your friend now….

  • ohmygod those pictures are ridiculous. how i wish i had your photography skillz.

  • That rhubarb looks divine!

  • Your photographs are SO AWESOME.
    enough said.
    I'm so glad I found your blog today!
    and hoping you could critique some of my photos!

  • STUNNING images!!! XO

  • Sweet photos Cathie. Thanks for your sweet words too, about my new online store. Hugs. xx

  • So lovely…I always enjoy your lovely images..rhubarb is th BEST xoxoo

  • That totally looks like a full day!!! You wear me out ! 🙂 I SHOULD have been working that hard today with Annie's party on Saturday…but I finished a book 🙂 But TOMORROW…now I have to hit it hard!

  • The textures in these photos are amazing. The wet looks so wet, the string rough, the flour dusty. I feel like I can almost smell them. The top photo is gorgeous. Its a pity we are redoing our labels or I would have to buy it off you and use it for marketing. LOVED meeting you the other day so much. Let's plan that coffee for soon. X

  • ohhh love that piccie of the rhubarb! yum I just love the stuff – I have to be careful though because my grandma hates it because it was given to her so often in scotland growing up and not with lots of sugar and she does go on about it! so now I think of her when I see rhubarb!


  • ……Mmmmmm…….

  • B

    I so wish I could bake. Your photos are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my place, looking forward to reading more about you.

    Have a great week.
    B x

  • Thanks Cathie 🙂 – Trying to think summery, sunny thoughts with my suncatcher/chime. I really like how it turned out and I am inspired to make more!

  • Oh…did those eggs come from KATE!! So…did you meet? Or have you known each other for YEARS!! x

  • there's only so much temptation one girl can take. lovely photos!

  • Cathie your photos are always absolutely stunning, they are so inspiring and gorgeous xx

  • this post is sheer love~

  • That simple image of eggs just stuns me today. You have a gift for seeing the beautiful in the precious ordinary.