• Isn't it just a beautiful day? I enjoyed my day outside too.

  • i LOVE your vegie garden. am really smitten by it. i wish mine was looking like yours!! work must be done at our rented home xx

  • Your vegie garden is looking fab! The lettuces in ours got scorched in a few recent days of ridiculous heat. Enjoy your weekend x

  • Wow, your vegie patch looks so lush. Aside from the falafel, I can see a vegetable quiche coming on judging by those eggs. Delish!! x

  • SO gorgeous Cathie, like you, and well you know how I feel about chooks xo

  • totally agree, our vegie patch has slowed down a little so we let the guinea pigs in now, they looove it!

  • all looks so lovely and warm, enjoy it Cathie, its freezing here in England. Have a lovely weekend with your gorg family. Dee x

  • Thanks Cathie. Looks perfect. I've printed that one out so we can try it soon. We definitely like falafel in our house so a great way to use broad beans! We have the flat leaf parsley and chives in the garden too. Excellent! Lou.

  • I'm grateful for chooks and gardens too. We built a teepee today and planted scarlet runner beans all round – the kids can't wait for their shady little cubby to grow! I just hope the chooks leave the seedlings alone!

    I'm always enchanted by the little rain drops that fall all over your sidebar!

  • love the veggie garden! mine needs to be replanted and I want mine to be looking like yours – awesome!

  • Some wonderful thing's to be grateful for. My boy's love being out in the garden too! 😀

  • Mr W and I have just been watching a series of TV programmes on manufactured food and things really aren't what they seem to be. You have good cause to be grateful for lovely fresh natural food. Good on you for working so hard in the garden! Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, a great example for your kids too.

  • oh i only have a small potted garden out on my balcony and a tiny yard downstairs. long for a time when i can afford a house with a large garden for all the veggies i want to grow.

  • Wish I could play in the garden today….its a little chilly here today…hugs for a great weekend my sweet friend….your images are the BEST!!!!

  • Please send some warm sunny weather over to France. I love the last photo. barefoot in the garden 🙂 x

  • Cathie, so many blessings to thank!!! Healthy kids, green garden, sweet fairy hands, friends! I hope you are specially happy today and I am sending lots and lots of kisses to you all from Brasil!!! Bela.

  • So nice to see these goodies from the garden, while it's icy cold here in germany! Just had cheese-fondue with my family and felt like in a swiss hut! Enjoy your sunday!

  • Lots of loveliness here Cathie! Yay for chooks, they really are the best. How is this rain we've been having? So tropical and crazy. Hope all is well with you beautiful, are you still coming to Woodend on the 12? Much love xo

  • Looks like a lovel day to be out – it has NOT STOPPED raining here and think that we are in for a very wet Christmas:) Oh well – it s all about family and I am certain we will stil enjoy it (that is if I can get through the flood waters home:)

  • A gorgeous thing to be grateful for Cathie! I love that you have a thriving vegie garden….I really am not a green thumb & our small vegie patch looks very sad at the moment 🙂 BUT…I do want chickens..I love the idea of gathering fresh eggs each morning with my little Miss.
    Hope you're having a fab weekend Lovely.

  • all good things! looks yummy indeed. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a line. i like yours too … : ) your pictures are lovely. and i love your header. i will have to check out some of your yummy cupcake recipes!

  • Fabulous things to be grateful for!! Love Posie

  • Bec

    love fresh homegrown, its such a joy isnt it? we dont grow nearly enough of our own stuff but one day hopefully 🙂

  • What beautiful things to be grateful for. I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. xo

  • Lovely things to be grateful for, I totally agree.
    Have a wonderful start to the new week, my friend xxxx

  • Oh Darlingheart I'll be gratfeul if you forgive me for missing on singing my Stevie Wonder rendition of "Happy Birthday To Ya, Happpyyyy Birthday!" I'll bet you're more grateful that you didn't have to hear it.
    I've no fancy excuses for being MIA. I swear there's not enough hours in any day.
    Mammoth HUGE Hugs and GiNormous gorgeous wishes to YOU for your birthday and every day. xo♥

  • Those broad beans look wonderful Cathie. MOTH would walk over hot coals for a big feed of them. Glad your days are sunny in every way.
    Millie ^_^