Today I am grateful for…

Getting my groove back


Playing in the park  
(won’t tell you about falling off the slide head first)


Hanging out with special friends
Finding lovely giveaway gifts on my doorstep


Finally getting excited about Christmas baking and decorating with the help of sweet Canadian gifts from sweet friends


Some more grateful lists here.
Happy grateful weekend to you ♥

  • TK

    I am so happy that you have got your groove back!! TK xx

  • Prettiest pine bark art EVER!! Thrilled to hear you're back & excited again!! Sweet things from sweet people to make sweet baked goods, love Posie

  • yay! I am glad that you feel better. x

  • HI Cathie,
    So glad to see you are feeling better. I've been migraine free for 3 weeks now, which is a first for maybe the past 3 years. I've felt on top of the world all week and have been telling hubby how I feel I've got my mojo back. Good to hear you are feeling the same. Go Cathie!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Such sweet pics – especially love the teddy!!!

  • I am grateful I get to look at your gorgeous pictures. Can't wait to see what you bake for christmas.

  • I always love your photos, Cathie. I'm so glad you've got your groove back. Happy weekend. x

  • Oh, Cathie, I'm so pleased you're feeling a bit chirpier. Maybe you can share your secret with me! J x

  • yay! for feeling better that is fab news!!! i love your pic's and hoping that falls head first were overcome quickly!! have a great rest of your weekend Cathy xx

  • So pretty and well captured, these pix! Yes, it's not easy to be chirpy all the time, but bloggy friends can help a lot to make eaxh day a little nicer! Have a cozy weekend!

  • You photos are stunning! Love your blog! Thanks Maxabella for the introduction to your blog. Pop over and visit mine if you get the time x

    PS: I love the little stars when I move my cursor – how do you do that?!

  • Wonderful!

  • I love that you have your groove back!! Yahooo!! And as always…your photos are FABULOUS!!
    Love this post Cathie!

  • super cute blog – love the pictures 🙂

  • Hi,
    Love this post, but they are all very special. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • love the colours – what will you bake? Please post the photos when you do! hope you have a great week xxx

  • Gorgeous post and photos. Such a happy post.

  • Happy dance my sweet friend…I am so happy you are getting back your groove!

    Plus I am smiling ear to ear this morning…so happy that you finally got your little baking gift…my goodness…I thought for sure it was lost in the mail…I mailed it in AUGUST!!!! I thought some happy little mailman somewhere was baking cookies and enjoying the coralettes!

    Hugs for a great weekend filled with JOY!

    Your images are the BEST…love your sweetpeas little bear…Adorable.

  • Jen

    I LOVE the grass shot! this is so sweet!

  • Lots of people wishing you well – me too!!

  • hooray for the groove, Cathie xx

  • Happy Sunday to you Cathie x

  • happy days..
    xx Amy

  • oh I heavily suspect baby #3 is back?!With gorgeous pics!!!
    Nice to read the happy feel of your post 🙂
    PS: I got mine now :)Sooooooo excited!I ended up trying them at the shop and went for the N 3000 instead…Hopefully I made the right choice…Looking forward to my first workshop next week until then readin the manual 🙂 hehehe!

  • Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gratefulness!

    PS: I LOVE the little stars that follow my mouse around on your blog. Love. 🙂

  • I'm grateful for hanging out with special friends too, who seem to know exactly when I need a bit of TLC, very grateful.
    Groove on! So glad you're got it back! xo

  • so beautiful. i am grateful for you, my friend.
    i thought about you today, while reading a recipe. : )

  • Lovely!I HEART Sprinkles……

  • I'm so grateful you've got your groove back Darlingheart 🙂 Yayyyyy wonderful news that tops off my already excellent day ♥♥♥

  • Yay! Glad to see that you have your groove back 🙂
    Gorgeous post! Have a great week, Dee

  • You've got a groovy thing goin' on! Hooray to that and to your lovely photos!

  • Bec

    Good to hear Cathie! Love the pics, I wish I had a better camera!

  • Now that's lovely news about finding one slightly misplaced groove again Cathie. Looking forward to seeing all your Chrissie delights.
    Millie ^_^

  • I'm grateful for stumbling into your blog!
    Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for little things too:))
    Hugs from Canada:)))))


  • all is very cool.Can't wait for decorate your house 😀 Ye!

  • Your first image is beautiful. I'm so glad that you are getting your groove back lovely. Have a great week. xo

  • Hi Cathie, I adore your love heart. So glad you're feeling better and have got your groove back. Life is full-on and it's hard to stay on top of it all the time. As my Mum always says to me when I have a winge "you're only human"… How lovely are those cards that you received. Your images are so clear and vivid, just like your head! Hang in there. Pruxxx

  • Mel

    I'm grateful for your gorgeous photos! Stunning Ms Cathie xx

  • How wonderful – we should all write these lists! Thank you!

  • A list of little gratitudes:

    * red sparkly sprinkles * curly birthday candles * hayrides * bedhair * laughter * Disney's animated Robin Hood classic * the tenacity of autumn's final leaves *

  • So jealous! Your blog is absolutely stunning to look at (I'm also captivated by the little stars…neat trick!). I'm visiting you from Doha, Qatar, come over and say hi some day @ 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. Kirsty (Shamozal)