Today I am grateful for…

new cousins



baking cupcakes




baking mud cakes (with fresh coriander of course)


creating sweet fondant smiles


Thank you for the sweet wishes, my sister thanks you and is enjoying her new baby boy and can now say she is surrounded by boys, three gorgeous little boys.
If you are in Australia you will definitely be enjoying this wonderful spring day and if not I hope you are keeping warm lovely friends. (edited to add that it may be raining elsewhere)
I’m off to bake some banana bread for my sister who will be going home from the hospital soon. 
Happy grateful weekend to you and hope you can share your grateful list too

  • OHH!!! that first picture makes me so clucky!!! So goreous Cathie and congrats to your sister – he is just beautiful!

  • Vic


    Beautiful Bubba alert! Congrats again to all, you have some beautiful things to be grateful for just now My Sweet!


  • So beautiful! and Amelie looks so excited too… wishing you a lovely weekend too x

  • Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family – and oh, I'm more than a bit in love with that sweet wee panda x

  • Congratulations on your new nephew!
    I'm so grateful for you my dear more than ever before.
    thank you again. xo

  • Beautiful beautiful little baby!!

  • Congratulations! What gorgeous pictures, the first one melts my heart!

  • REALLY beautiful pics Cathie!
    Congratulations to your sister, he looks so gorgeous, with such smooth skin!xx

  • Found you through Maxabella and I think I'm a wee bit in love with your blog. The photos and words are heartfelt and beautiful. Congratulations to your sister. x

  • AHhhhhhhhhhh so gorgeous, beautiful … makes my heart sing ♥ I can only imagine how yours is feeling surrounded with all that pinkness and sweetness ♥♥♥

  • You are so blessed! Happy weekend!

  • congrats aunty!

  • Happy October Cathie!

    xo Catherine

  • beautiful baby! I am grateful for my dancing heart. enjoy your weekend x

  • I'm not sure how I ended up at your home. It was a flit here and a flit there. What a beautiful blog. Your photo's are wonderful eye candy. I am smitten.
    And I love the pixie dust that keeps falling.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.
    A Northern Canadian far from home : )

  • A precious baby boy has blessed you all!
    Makes my heart swell!
    xo, Kali

  • newborns just melt your heart dont they! what gorgeous pictures!! a lot to be grateful for – and yes, enjoy this sunshine, it is fantastic xx

  • These photos are all so precious Cathie. Have a beautiful weekend. Congratulations to all of you on the new addition. xo

  • Fondant?? Oh my, that sweet petit in black and white is ADORABLE, Cathie!
    Sweet sweet cousins, to hold a newborn, your weekend is off to a perfect start, sweet friend.
    Much love for your Saturday evening and Sunday. It's early early morning here, will prepare breakfast in just a minute 😉

  • Lots to be grateful for, especially a new baby!! He looks so sweet and I love the photo of the two cousins, adorable. Hope you too and having a happy, Springy day xo

  • How lovely and congratulations! Yes, having a rather cold and damp saturday. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Gorgeous little bub and a very proud looking cousin too! You have lots of things to be grateful for! Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  • Wonderful news! Congratulations to you all. Thanks for showing such beautiful pics.

  • Bec

    Definately DEFINATELY grateful for beautiful healthy newborns! He is just the sweetest! cluck cluck cluck, hope you are all high on the joy that a new baby brings.

  • What a lovely post!

  • He is gorgeous Cathie! He looks so much like your two. What a wonderful time for your family. Huge congratulations and love. X

  • Jen

    so sweet! 🙂

  • adorable ! and glad your sister is home soon !
    are the two little darlings baking in the yard yours ?! thisis such a happy photo ! makes me remember when my daughter was younger and would make "veggie" soups from anything she could find in the yard… 🙂
    happy weekend to you & your family

  • Cathie congratulations! an adorable little boy this photo is beautiful. Your weekend sounds so perfect Spring!!!
    Its raining here but still enjoyable and I must say your little panda is sooooo cute.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxx

  • Congratulations to your sister for a beautiful creation!Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday xx

  • Congratulations to your sister! Banana cake… drool…


  • Oh how i miss those mud-pie making days and newborns too! Aaaahhhh…

  • Gorgoeus bubby with his lovely cousin. Congrats on becoming Aunty to such a cutie too. Your photos are always so beautiful to look at, thank you for brightening up my Sunday.

  • oh just gorgeous pictures Cathie…i love the little panda – we are loving panda's at the moment in our animal books.

  • As usual, each photo more gorgeous than the last…looks like a long list of good things for which to be grateful!

  • Yeah….Congratulations on the new arrival!!! Don't you just LOVE THEM!!! xx

  • When I saw the baby, it made me smile because we were celebrating 2nd son's 43rd birthday on Octover 2nd.

  • ohhhhh little baby picture! I love it!!!!! Adorably cute! I love seeing the pictures of your own kids too who are you just adorable!!!!!!!!!!