Today I am grateful for…

 B i r t h d a y s


especially kid’s birthdays as the joy they show cannot be described, the look in their eyes, the smiles, *


the amazement, the surprise, the fact that they must touch everything



leftover cake (vegan chocolate & vanilla with fondant dinosaurs)


and waking up and realising daddy is home and then enjoying some precious scruffing together

Hope you’ve had a grateful kind of day, pop round to Ms Maxabella for some more gratefulness.

Enjoy your week lovely friends, old and new ♥

* edited to add that it was both of my nephews birthdays, not my little ones

  • oh how sweet! I would love some leftovers! but I am sure I won't be the first person to ask for a piece! beautiful weekend xx

  • those dinosaurs look amazing! nothing to worry about!
    and that cake, well i know what i'm having for dinner 😀

  • mmm, that cake looks good!

  • Did you make that divine cake!?!? Really!???! I am SO impressed. My kids are in awe. Oh no, Max wants a dinosaur cake just like it for his next birthday. Should never have shown them!!!! Help! x

  • Lovely xo, nothing like Daddy being home! My kids get confused with shift work changes, so feel extra surprised at times! Happy birthday to your little man! xo

  • The dinosaur cake turned out so cool! Wowee it looks absolutely delicious too.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

  • Adorable! Such a sweet birthday cake and how lovely that the whole family is together. It does the heart good to see such a happy little home!

    Hope you are having a beautiful January Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • aww such a lovely post and that cake looks to yummy for words. Have a lovely family sunday, Dee x

  • I love the photos and how they capture such wonderful memories. And the cake? well there aren't enough superlatives really.

  • The cake is amazing – love the dinosaurs. We have had daddy home for a month now. It will be his first day back at work tomorrow and he will be missed 🙁

  • what a fantastic cake! Happy birthday to your little one. Lovely, lovely grateful post…x

  • Oh my god cathie, that cake is AMAZING!! and I love those dinosaurs so much it hearts.
    Post as always from you xo

  • Will so not be showing my kids that cake – Snowbear was saying on friday that she wants to make a little rapunzel for the top of Monkey's b'day – you know, like they do in Ace of Cakes – and I told her that we just can't do that (so she'd better not find out that we could!!)
    Looks so fab 🙂

  • WOW, not sure if the dinos were edible but they are just AWESOME!What a sweet post Cathie.
    Have a great week ahead x

  • Gratefulness abounds around you Darling … your posts are totally gorgeous♥

  • Wow Cathie, what a gorgeous cake. I especially like the footprints. It reminds me of a book my son was given for his birthday this weekend – Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs. Do you know it? Very cute for a little dino lover!

    I made a chocolate cake filled with raspberries and cream for Oesch yesterday, with chocolate icing and a big number 2 on top made out of blueberries. Nothing on your creation, hmmm…. I think I might bookmark your dino cake for next year!

    Have a gorgeous week

    x Sarah

  • What gorgeous dinosaurs and the cake looks so scrumptious. Birthdays are awesome, for lil kids and big ones 🙂

  • Love the cake, is the recipe a secret?? I'd love to bake for my gluten free dairy free sisters boyfriend

  • That last picture is so precious, love it!

  • So so so soooooo pretty cake!!! Cathie, you have done another great job!!! I love it!! The images are so lovely!! Hava a wonderful week, dear! Bela

  • Seriously, that cake was incredible, cutest dinosaurs ever!! But the shot of your children with their papa, that is beautiful. I know my children are missing out on so much with their Daddy living interstate & overseas for 3 years, but when he's home, he's HOME & all about the children, i can cope, it's different for them. As always, peace love & harmony at m.e, love Posie

  • Oh it all looks so lovely…so much love going on here today…hugs. xo

  • Kat

    Those dinosaurs are awesome! Are they made from fondant? I would love to learn how to make things like that.

  • Awwwww. So that's what hubby looks like. 🙂

  • THEY are PERFECT!!! What awesome awesome dinosaurs…

    On the hubby front – you know how some couple just look like they match – well he looks like your match…

  • Those dinosaurs!!! They are way too cute! & then you show the middle of the cut cake & just torture us all!!!! It looks so delicious! Love it! Those are 2 lucky boys to have YOU for an aunt!!!

    Oh & that picture of your kids with Daddy!!! PRICELESS!!! It looks like the perfect gallery art!

  • Bec

    Oh Cathie that looks DELICIOUS!!!! YUM!! While I dont think mine would turn out as good as that I think its a recipe I would have to try! I am earmarking this for my little mans birthday in August, he is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment and if he is anything like his sister the obsession will last for at least a few more months. Fondant dinosaurs, what on earth could be better for a little fellas birthday 🙂

  • Cathie those dinosaurs are so cute! You did a fantastic job and that cake looks amazingly yummy! Drool!

  • Yummie birthday cake Cathie.

  • Guess what gorgeous girl, you won my Japanese fabric giveaway on my Qld Flood Appeal patchwork quilt auction. Congratulations, love Posie

  • Really sweet photos, Cathie! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I love how kids get SO excited for their birthdays!

  • Your nephews adored that cake that you made, it's beautiful and looks soo yummy. Have a wonderful day tomorrow sweetie. xo

  • Great shots and delicious cake or at least it looks like an amazing good cake!

  • Hi Cathie,

    So many things to make me smile there- thanks. Love those smiling, happy faces! Have a lovely week. Emma.

  • Hello Cathie!
    I loved your blog, very beautiful, that delicious cake!
    His little enjoyed themselves!
    Whenever I visit her blog, I'm from Brazil and I love the new things that you tell us ..
    I would like to visit my blog because I added yours in my favorites!
    Big kiss, is to God!

    Erica-Blog Donna's House –


  • Too cute! and that cake is amazing!! 🙂

  • Great shots! Love the cake :o)

  • Beautiful cake. Sweet family. Lift Kits I love it.