• These really are treasures to be grateful for.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Felicity x

  • I'm grateful for the cute peg idea. And for lovely bloggers linking up to my Grateful Saturday. And also for the little sparkles that spray out of my mouse pointer when I'm on your blog! x

  • Such good things to be grateful for…I am grateful for you my friend…and the fact that my daughter is just about in London safe and sound. xoxoxoxoox

  • Oh lovely – as always – your blog is just a delightful burst of loveliness xx

  • not to mention your gorgeous pink ears !

  • Maybe you should start wearing orange and red together… it looks good in the drawing!

  • You should definitely wear orange and red – looking at that portrait, it certainly suits you!

  • I'm grateful for inspiring blogs such as yours. I always get a lift looking at your positive uplifting gorgeous photography and sweet words.

  • thanks for sharing your lovely pics and gratitude…They inspire the perfect mood for a saturday afternoon!

  • I am grateful I can come and enjoy your beautiful photographs!x

  • I'm gratefule for you always having a plan in mind Cathie – your pegs have reached the perfect place – it was such an excellently easy project – and that you shared it with us all!

  • I'd be grateful to able to spell 🙂

  • okay this is the third grateful saturday i have arrived at…really liking this idea.

  • the little drawings are so precious!

  • aww, so beautiful! love the hand drawn picture of you.

  • I'm grateful for my new springtime roses and lavender, but I don't think that would taste as nice as your spring flowers…

  • I love those pictures drawn by your two little ones. They are just beautiful and precious. Enjoy your weekend. xo

  • Uplifting post; thank you!

  • Such adorable pictures! Love those pegs, too cute!!

  • This is lovely….. I am gratefull for my beautiful family, spring and lovely flowers!!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday. xxx

  • Sweet!!! Having a grateful heart is a beautiful life! I'm grateful for all my children and husband's good health,

  • What really sweet drawings…lovely :))

  • Oh my Darling…THAT is one H*A*P*P*Y post…I am sitting in the shop, smiling from ear to ear…Thank you for the giggle dear friend…
    …..Sending you and that budding artist of yours a HUGE hug…still smilin' Rosie

  • Cathie, such beautiful flowers you have up there!!!! WOW!!! I simply LOVE them!!!
    The drawings are the cutest!!!!

    Have a sweet weekend, dear!!! Bela.

  • Awww a gorgeoues little collection of things to be grateful for! I love kid's drawings…and I think your red & orange outfit really compliment your wingnut ears LOL!!! Hehehe!
    This morning, my 2yr old drew her Grampy {on his birthday card} and he has a GIGANTIC head, 1 massive ear & 1 tiny….long curly hair {whereas he's almost bald in real life} and droopy eyes 🙂 But…because it's done by her…it's DIVINE!! I love hanging her art around our house….I'm grateful for that too!

  • wow – those pegs look amazing in use! And i love all your photos as usual and all your gratefuls – those pictures are just divine….I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend with this sunshine…xx

  • I am grateful for so much life, so much health around us, my little family is blessed when so many others are not.

  • Simply beautiful.

  • oh.. i love those little artworks.. my daughter has just started getting a good circle shape for the head.. we'll work on the rest as time goes..

  • Wow, sweet Cathie, you captured a precious moment, strong, sweet, heart touching, I love that picture. Wishing you a lovely new week, enjoy dinner! xxxxx

  • I just love kids artwork. My daughter is beginning to draw circles (before it was just scratches) and she is quite imaginative, one circle is a duck, another one is a bear. I'm grateful that my daughter is healthy and I'm grateful that I have a loving family that loves me as if I was their own daughter (not their daughter-in-law).

  • awww, these are so precious…priceless, really