Today I am grateful for…

There are a few things I am grateful for this week and the first is definitely YOU, I am grateful that you took the time to visit and leave a sweet word over my fuzziness
I really appreciate your advice and stories and I have been feeling better the last couple of days.
You made my heart feel as full as a yummy cookie jar


I am grateful for wonderful friends that calmly give haircuts in their backyard when a certain little boy refused to have a haircut and cried and cried until we mentioned donuts and Homer Simpson…


I am grateful that donuts are a rare treat and can be used as a way to make a certain little boy smile after his haircut


I am grateful that Amelie loves her kinder and is such a smiley happy girl when she is there


I am definitely grateful for cuddles


I am grateful for patient friends for opening up their hearts,  listening and hanging out with me and allowing me to forget about the stress and have a few giggles along the way.
One thing that I am not grateful for is that my camera is in camera hospital for the next week or so.  
I feel a bit lost*, unable to express myself…
Happy grateful weekend to YOU my sweet friends, pop round here for more gratefulness

  • sweet!!!! i'm feeling grateful for sleeping children and a cup of warm tea enjoying it's Friday!
    happy weekend sweet friend,

  • I'm grateful for this happy post! I love all the sweet images. I hope you get your camera back soon. I sooo no what that's like. Ugh.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  • Happy to see you back with such amazing images (no wonder you are missing your camera) and a smile through the fuzziness. You are fabulous, Cathie. x

  • Another wonderful post. There truly is so much to be grateful for.

  • I am greatful for my friend Cathie…errmmmm is that gingerbread in that jar? hehehe!
    See you Monday gorgeous gal♥

  • Lovely post Cathie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with a little less fuzz, and a whole lot more clarity and normality. Trace 🙂

  • what delicious cookies.. feeling inspired!!
    loving the donut/haircut combo :o)

  • your photos are just tooooo lovely, sorry to hear about your camera

  • Lovely pictures, and delicious looking cookie jar! Have a wonderful weekend x

  • Thanks Cathie, for a sweet post. Hope you are feeling better & having a happy weekend xo

  • xoxo

  • beautiful. I'm grateful for your lovely blog and happy that you have such wonderful things in your life 🙂

  • You are a gorgeous creature you know? Lovely words and as always, images that make my heart leap. I wish you all sorts of wonderful in the coming days, at the very least a little peace.
    Take care

  • Your hard drive is doing a wonderful job while your camera is away. These are beautiful photos and that is a lovely list.

  • Aww that was such a lovely warm hearted post, your children are adorable, and im loving the cookies. Beautiful photo's even though you don't have your camera you were still able to express yourself beautifully. Take care and i hope a happy peaceful week ahead. Dee x

  • are they honey jumbles?? man they look great! you smalls are so gorgeous. I am so glad you are feeling better. xx

  • So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

  • Hi Cathie!Your kids are adorable, your son is sooooo cute.He will have plenty of girls chasing him haha.

    Happy weekend to you!

  • Love love the jar of cookies.Jars make such a great container for anything dont they?

  • love those cups!! & love popping over here every day XO

  • What super duper lovely gratefuls. And I love that my mouse leaves little glitters all over the page. How cute! Haircuts are pretty good here, but I don't think we'll be having any more since we cut all of Master M's 4 years worth of long hair. Hubby is wild! Donuts make everything better. xx

  • Oh, I love your blog so much, I'm now officially a stalker. You're welcome to visit me anytime. xx

  • The prettiest message, Cathie!! Sweet angels they are!! Great cook YOU are!!
    Be fine, dear!! Love! Bela.

  • Lovely post Cathie.
    Happy to hear you are feeling better.
    My grand daughter loves cinammon buns, but her parent never buy them; they keep for that special treat when nothing else works.

  • I'm grateful for this post too:) I loved the honesty of your last post, FUZZINESS. I suffer from chronic neck pain and so "get" the frustration that you wrote about.
    Great photos and great post. Hope you have a great week, Dee

  • a beautiful post…the art work is stunning! x

  • Ooooh, so much lovelieness here! Am very grateful for all the kind people in blogland as well – your each and every post is so pretty and full of love! Have a fun weekend – and not too much stress 😉

  • What a beautiful post Cathie, I love the wonderful things you are grateful this day for.

    Have a beauty filled rest of the weekend my friend. xxx

  • Oh cathy!!!! i dont know how i missed your last post but i did 🙁
    HUUUUUUUGE hugs and love from me, i can empathize with the foggyness in a depression sense 🙁
    The sun is a marvelous thing for me and i am feeling sooo much better xxx

  • Hi Cathie,
    I am grateful for my beautiful Mother today…it is her 83rd birthday…and I LOVE your gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing it all…:)

  • I am grateful for you being a little better and able to visit your little world of gorgeousness regularly!I hope you will be reunited soon with your camera.
    PS: I think I am taking the plunge and looking at getting myself one of those great thing for beginners :)(plus some workshops)…I hesitate between the Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 500D any advices? I was told to compare there But I am not sure I know what to look at? 🙂
    Merci 🙂

  • I'm grateful for your hard drive, Cathie! A truly wondrous place…

  • Even though you may be feeling fuzzy you always manage to show others how to see the beauty and the wonder around them. You have an amazing gift!

  • it's lovely to read your grateful post. we used to sit down before dinner and in turn each say what we were grateful for that day. sometimes it was hard, sometimes the words flowed. but mostly it was a good opportunity to reflect on all that is good in your life……perhaps we should do it again.
    i hope you are feeling better…it's never nice to feel fuzzy.
    hope your camera feels better soon

  • Beautiful post – what lovely things to be grateful for!

  • That is so cute, even at that age, The Simpsons for a haircut, well you know his currency!! Love Posie

  • Oh no! Get well camera!!! 🙂 I love when people stop by too and we had a little one that didn't like hairdressers…Mummy got the job for a long time. So glad that is over. Lovely Pics as per usual :O)

  • XO 🙂

  • came to visit you first as I was excited to see your post! I agree – sometime the warm hearted comments from bloggy friends can be very motivating! Your pictures, Cathy, as always are divine and I'm wishing your camera a speedy recovery xx

  • Cat

    Gracious your kids are beautiful Cathie. 🙂 Friends, family and food….my favourite three things in the world! I'm so pleased you're feeling a bit less fuzz. xxxx

  • Beautiful pics and thanks for sharing the honey jumble recipe. I whipped up a batch tonight – apparantly they were delish. I am going to make a gluten free version for me tomorrow :o) xx

  • What a shame about the camera – but by the looks of it you will be able to pull together a few nice photos:)

    Hugs – I dont know your pain – but live with someone that lives with a constant headache, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – yep you got it year in, year out since 2002. It is not nice and I have to stop and thing to myself that although the keeping of the kids quiet is hard – I am not the one suffering with the pain.

  • Lovely again Cathie. Lou.

  • her skirt or tutu is ridiculously cute.

  • I love this post!
    So glad you're feeling better.
    Thank you for visiting my blog during Blogtoberfest and leaving your kind and encouraging comments. It has been lovely to discover your blog. I'll definitely stop by as often as possible.

  • Bec

    That post made me smile 🙂 So glad you are feeling better Cathie xx That pic of your two little ones is so heartwarming.

  • Hello Cathie, I've just found your delightful blog (via Sarah at OnePerfectDay). I think I'm going to end up spending quite a bit of time here. Lovely that your daughter loves her kinder – my girl starts kinder next year and how I hope that this time next year I'll be able to say that she loves it too. And what could be better than a haircut in the open air, followed by a doughnut!

  • Oh your blog is just so beautiful! Amazing photos and delicious food! Off to have a good look around.

  • MAster baker…fashion stylst…coolest mom ever…amazing photographer & now I have to add awesmoe hairstylist to the list!!! I cut my kids hair but they don't have hairstyles. Your little guy has gorgeous hair! & I LOVE the pick of those cuties playing! What a beautiful family you make!

  • It is good to be grateful just because… Thanks for pointing it out.

    About that book, you are welcome to borrow it. I think you will like it. Just let me know if you want to pop over and have a coffee sometime and pick it up

  • Gorgeous, love your pictures!

  • Just popping by to wish you a lovely evening, sweet friend xxxxxx It's early morning here and I'm almost off to the baker, think I will bring a sweet treat home too 😉 xxxx

  • Hey Sweetie, glad your feeling a bit better…
    … don't over do it! Stay healthy and well. …There are many of us girls praying for you….
    ……….xoxo Rosie………..

  • dear cathie – your kind words scatter like star dust amidst the blogsphere – just a thank-you for being you 🙂

  • Great to see you back Cathie!
    Hope you are doing ok!
    This is such a positive post…full of lovely things to be grateful for! You are inspiring & make a lot of people's days a lot brighter just for blogging your thoughts & sharing your amazing photos!

  • Hi Cathie, I read your charming blog for the very first time…thanks for making me reflect about how grateful I am for every little thing, for my child's cuddles, for every day rising sun, for every rose of my little beloved garden….Thank you!

  • These are the most adorable pictures!