A few tears rolled down my cheek as we farewelled kinder and are off to get ready for new adventures



Said thank you  to the wonderful kinder teachers who provided a wonderful, creative, learning and supportive environment for our little people



and left a gingerbread surprise to the little friends made



Hope you held it together for your little people’s last days at kinder or school.


Are these last weeks just a tad chaotic for everyone else as well?
I am off to do some baking and will post the recipe for the shortbread above if you would like later on.

Happy day to you ♥



p.s  I am again without a camera so excuse the quality as I take a deep breath and learn to 

j u s t   c a l m   d o w n !

  • What lovely packages! Is that your daughter above? She is gorgeous and looks so grown up 🙂

  • Such a beautiful post. Brought back memories of my daughter who is now almost 23! Gorgeous girl you have!

  • Those treats looks amazing! And the photos look fine to me.
    Yes, gorgeous girl you have

  • Fear not, C. This particular Mama knows oh, so well, the weepy rollercoaster that is the Last Day.

  • Very chaotic & VERY emotional! I've been getting all teary at every 'last' thing this week, our last day is tomorrow, saying farewell to amazing teachers is always so sad & words just can't express the gratitude we have for nurturing our babies throughout the year…

  • School finished almost 2 weeks ago here but it is still chaotic 🙂 Lovely little treats I am sure they love them.
    I hope you get your camera very soon lovely Cathie xx

  • What gorgeous treats! Lucky teachers 🙂 I can only imagine what an emotional time of year this is. Will hold onto my little poppet as long as I can before she grows up and flits off to school:) x

  • Beautiful treats: what a lovely way to end an era and jump to the new adventures.

  • Lovely pics – yes, we too are feeling rather chaotic here too! xoxo

  • I think your photos still ROCK Cathie! Awww what a sad, but hopeful time as Kinder ends! As a school teacher, I get sad every year as the class I got to know & love so much leave….but then I get excited about the upcoming year & the new faces I'll get to know 🙂

  • Big hugs to you Cathie.

  • I hope your gorgeous little one has wonderful adventures in her next chapter! I hope you cope too! The shortbread recipie sounds wonderful! The boys and I will be making our Santa cookies next week.

  • gorgeous little treats…your daughter is gorgeous! x

  • Your images are always full of emotion, dear Cathie, no matter which camera is in your fairy hands!!! I am so in love with all this post! My sweet Aila is 2 years old and is probably going to school next year.
    The best weekend for you and your little ones!!
    Love!! Bela

  • Awwww Cathie there beautiful photo's and such lovely thoughtful gifts to. My little boy is in his last year at primary school and i am finding that one very hard. I am sure the next stage will now be an exciting one for you both embrace it like you seem to do so much ;-))Happy baking. Dee x

  • Oh my dear friend Cathie, sniff sniff *wipe tears away.
    What a wonderful gorgeous year it has been at "our" kinda… we are very lucky gals indeed to have had such a magical & loving start to our little ones education.
    Raise a glass gorgeous I am sure you and I will shed many happy and yes maybe a teeny few sad tears together ♥
    talk soon calm one ;-p

  • I understand your tears my friend…but there will be many more adventures to come!

    Your sweet gifts would make any teacher feel loved…so thoughtful.


  • Oooo yes please to the recipe!

    As always a super cute post with love pictures. Its always great to see things from you pop up in my google reader. Thanks for sharing


  • Gosh Cathie, I'm with you! I wasn't expecting the emotional roller coaster that was the end of preschool. I feel completely knocked over this week and coupled with trying to do TOO MUCH, I need a nice lazy weekend! Your treats look so beautiful, our teachers did not score quite so well from us – just homemade cards. Have a lovely weekend!

  • I will miss my sons kinder teacher, for sure. I am sure tears will be shed. Will pop in for that recipe.

  • What beautiful little home made goodies to bid farewell. It must be very emotional saying good bye to kindy! x

  • Your pics are still perfect Cathie! Your basket of goodies is just toooo much. Looks so delicious. Please do post your recipe!
    I hope the tears have dried up now. Yours too 😉

  • Oh cathy, i am glad i am not the only one feeling a tad nervous about the end of kinder….where did that year go!!! one more year and my son will be at school!! argh!! I love your pictures and those treats look amazing! Enjoy your day xx

  • love the basket of yummies, doing shortbread next week with the dreaded gingerbread house, would love to see your recipe

  • Bec

    oh Cathie,is such a hard thing, leaving behind one stage and welcoming another isnt it? WEll I definately struggle, especially when it comes to our precious little ones. Your daugter is absolutely stunning, I hop she had a lovley last day and is lookig forward to next year! Lovely little gifts you have there too, I wish I was a kindy teacher to one of your children lol

  • You take such beautiful photos of your children my dear xo

  • Bek

    Oh I know. My son finished preschool last year and I held it together only because he was so nonchalant about it. I struggled with his transition to big school a lot more than he did too! I am only just used to it really, and now the first year is all over!

  • Oh, our little ones grow so fast. You made gorgeous gifts, my friend.
    Have a lovely happy merry weekend, sweet Cathie xxxx

  • i teared up just seeing all the grandparents who had come to see the christmas concert.

    ps. we filled jars for our teachers too.

  • Amelie looks so grown up, she's ready for school. Big week for me, after 3 years of children in 1st grade or kindergarten my 4th moves to year 2 & i'm finally out of the junior corridor at primary school. I'm so excited about high school for our eldest, she keeps telling me to calm down, it's her adventure, yes, that is how she puts me in my place!! You don't do anything by halves do you Cathie, wow, those goodies are wrapped to perfection. Love Posie

  • Endings, and beginnings always make me cry too… (and I can just imagine how much the kinder teachers appreciated their gorgeous gifts).

    Wishing you bucketloads of happiness through all the chaos xo

  • Enjoy this last week before Christmastime, Cathie. Take time to soak up all the beautifulness, the lights, the scent, everything! xxxx

  • I nearly bawled my eyes out at Maxi's last day at Kinder. (It was almost as bad as the first day!) I was just so damn proud of this little class of 'can doers' and they have come so far.

    Your gifts are really special, Cathie. Not surprised… you strike me very much as a special kind of gal. x

  • Yes I hear you on te tears rolling don the checks – althouh think that I held it together – JUST. Byt he time Ameia cam upt me I was just redfaced- which she picked up on)
    The goodies look amazing. Have great holiday and I will see you at the school gate (diffrent schools and states of course:)