Trash or Treasure

A while ago we were talking about collections, but I neglected to include my love of old suitcases to the list.
This love has been going on for longer than the other collections and I have so many and they are all so very special.

Well, you can imagine my reaction at the find on someone’s nature strip, obviously their trash but definitely MY treasure.
The other two suitcases were found at local op shops for about $2-$3 each.

So you gotta love a good op shop find and especially a good hard rubbish find.

Hope your day is full of treasures

  • oh…I agree pure treasure. I adore the white! xoxoxo

  • Ash

    totally treasure!! I also have a few old suitcases I found at a thrift shop… could not say no to them!

  • I have the matching one in Blue!
    It holds my brooches and comes with me to shops and markets.
    We have stopped buying any more vintage suitcases and beautycases at op shops as there is no more room…..even if we fill em' with stuff!!!
    But if I saw one on the nature strip…..?

  • You have definately got some treasure there – great finds!

  • Vic

    Oh. Yeah.

    Free stuff is even better than opshop stuff!!! 😉

  • Oh….they are FINE oh so FINE!!

  • My heart skips a beat… you found a wonderful treasure in deed!

  • Great finds, imagine the places those suitcases have been before they nestled into your home?? Love Posie

  • I love vintage suitcases and cosmetic cases. So gorgeous.

  • Wow that is good findings:)

    Have a great day!
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  • WHAT A find. Lovely. If you ever get sick of them (ahem) I will gladly adopt : o )

  • Wow great suitcase finds Cathie,love your blog too! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  • Oh that is a primo hard rubbish find! Now you need a little trip to test it out…x

  • what beauties. lovely finds! xo m.

  • Another beautiful collection. Do you put stuff in them or just stack them? XX

  • Imagine the tales those suitcases could tell… if they could talk of course!

    And imagine their new tales, full of new treasures and used in new adventures.

    Old suitcases are real treasures.

  • For me, I'm not sure which is better.. the hunt or the find…but you've definitely come across pure treasure!
    Just Divine!

  • Treasure 🙂
    And, by the way, the Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake sounds and looks delicious…
    Have a wonderful day!
    Xini Björnmamman

  • Anonymous

    Really Cathie, your pictures are so gorgeous, you make me want to be a collector of old suit cases too…! I totally get why you love these…modern day travel gear just does'nt have the quaint glamour of these old fashioned ones…

    Nice Day to you ~ Natalie ( nyc)

  • treasure, treasure, treasure. What a find, I once scored a working sewing machine in hard rubbish.

  • They are gorgeous and a couple of them remind me of the cases I used to take to ballet lessons all those years ago… I can already see the worn, pale pink shoes in there….

  • Beautiful photos. I used to be a collector of thinga but when we downsized I had to get rid of sooo much; broke my heart.