• Beautiful roses.
    Have fun with the play dough.

  • oh ranuculas, they would have to be one of my favourites x

  • Wow beautiful flowers! Am at home recovering and they were just what I needed, Lovely!

  • Cat

    Ranuculas are soooo pretty. They were my Grandpa's favourite flowers and Bako grew them everywhere at their place. I love your photos Cathie. Enjoy the play doh – we were at it too this morning! 🙂

  • Oh I just love Ranunculas, so delicately beautiful x

  • How gorgeous – thanks for making me smile today!

    I've been getting the house looking perfect for photographs, taken this aft. (and 15 estate agents round this morn!) (a team)

    A coffee and a visit to you has now stopped me flapping about! xx

  • those flowers and the round corners are so very sweet…

  • The weather could definitely be better; I thought they said spring was coming early, and would be warmer!

  • sweet pictures! It's half past 3 & finally some sunshine! Enjoy the rest of your day…x

  • Gorgeous!
    Its all pretty happy here but I'm a bit periody. Oh well, better plonk myself on the couch and knit. XX

  • I am so teary and emotional it is mental… PMT… bad this month…but your flower pics are lovely and you know my photography course? i got voted best pics in the class! Hooray!!! x

  • Oh…lovely pics Cathie….I keep wondering what the 'picnik' button in picasa does…now I will definitely try it!

  • Such beautiful flowers, you take the most amazing pictures honey!

  • Those flowers pics make me smile, Thanks!!
    Happy playing x

  • I'm happy. Your roses are happy too. I bet they smelled delicious! x

  • Boo Miss Cathie ♥ xx

  • Thunder, lightning rain; it is miserable around here; thank you for bring a bit of nice into my world.

  • I love your round edges and pretty flowers sweet one. Happy day hugs to you.

  • Your flowers are so…. beautiful! Playdough sounds perfect for a day when the weather is dreary.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a lovely comment, hope the lady birds turn out well for you if you do decide to make them, they are very easy and fun to make.

    Hope you have a day tomorrow filled with sunshine and joy even if the weather isn't to beautiful outdoors. xx

  • Oh, just look at those Ranunculas, one of my very most favorite flowers! Your photos are gorgeous.
    I wish I could grow them, the slugs make short work of them though and I can't seem to keep them away.
    Have a lovely day!

  • beautiful flowers to brighten an otherwise dreary day 😉 thanks for the uplift.

    hope you are doing well. one love.

  • Beautiful! Happy day to you too sweet lady.

  • thanks for popping over to my blog, i am supposed to be making dinner now but i am getting lost in your beautiful blog instead 🙂

  • Beautiful photos. I love the colours