A sweet friend is stuck in hospital.
Someone made her some macarons…pink ones too and someone else is wishing her well.
A little girl missed you yesterday so she drew you a picture and made a wish so that you will be better soon.
If you get a chance, please pop round and wish her well, she may be enjoying breakfast in bed but she definitely won’t mind if you say hello.
Happy Tuesday to you ♥

  • Awww Amelie is such a little sweetie. I love the picture, and I'm quite sure that the magic wish will work!

  • How lovely! There's nothing better than a wish from a little girl to make someone feel better!

  • You have a very talented little artist on your hands there!

  • So sweet!

  • Cat

    You just take the most divine photos Cathie. What a beautiful story you paint and I'm going to pop over to Curly's now. 😉 xo

  • Cathie, you are the sweetest! And you have made two little sweeties in your children too.

  • How sweet of you guys to brighten someone's day.

  • So very sweet:) xo