• Cute photo!

  • Sometimes when I am waiting for a package I feel like doing this!

  • What do you mean by "if" ??? Doesn't everyone wait for the postie like that??! I know I have before! (mmm, maybe that's not something I should admit to!)

  • That photo belongs on a card. It's so sweet.

  • My postbox is a bit too far from my doorstep for me to be waiting now, but my old house, I used to be able to watch the postbox like a hawk from my windows. The minute he came, out I went RUNNING.

  • I have been known to do just that. It's called cheques in the mail syndrome.
    My guy is a pretty cool postie. He let Charlie have a ride on his motorized bike one day. (probably breaking a postie rule too!)

  • Cute-overload happening in that pic! Can't say I haven't been known to deadhead the roses during postal delivery time…

  • Vic

    Adorable. 🙂

  • What an adorable pic Cathie 🙂 I love it!

  • So so sweet…I am always waiting for the mail…I shop too much at etsy. xoxox

  • So very sweet Cathie.:)xo

  • I've always waiting for postman, just wasn't like that.
    I love that picture and I bet the postman is happy to see them too!

  • Adorable photo! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Depends how good looking the postman is??
    They are always so nice though, if we don't have any mail & my children are lined up at the letter box, every time the postman will find junk mail or something to give each of them. Sweet!! We have a PO box as our letter box at home fills with hungry snails who eat our mail, so we don't get much at home. Love Posie

  • Pam

    He probably would….but in a nice way! 🙂

  • Oh when I know there is a package I some times will run out and wait for him at the gate and say IS IT HERE YET??? He always knew what I was waiting for… Poo hoo now we have a new one who is way to serious…

  • Oh that's so cute! You should be waiting for the postie on Monday, there's definitely something on its way to you…

  • You have a very special blog with love & care, 🙂 hope to hear from you, Monika ♥

  • What an adorable photo!
    My girls love the posite too – they always want to leave him drawings…
    I want to wait like this sometimes, when I know there is a parcel coming for me.

  • Love that picture; adorable.I was expecting a parce from Amazon this week;must have run uou a dozen times to check.

  • Anonymous

    giggles…thats so cute…! I shop a lot online so am often waiting for the UPS truck to pull up…& my big girl LOVES looking out for the ups guy…& when she sees him.. yells…the ups guy..the ups guy ! as loud as ever !…so much that the neighbours hear her ! :)…so awesome of you Cathie, to highlight these sweet things are lil angels do…its nice to take a moment to appriciate such joy…

    Nat ( nyc)

  • Just darling! So cute, I feel like them right now, i'm waiting for a package to arrive 🙂
    happy weekend,

  • I'd be sooo delighted to be your postie and have a couple of cuties like yours greet me!