We ♥ our Chickens :)

There once were 3 little chickens called Maisy, Lulu and Pepper. They lived with a family who absolutely loved them and they had lots of adventures together.

Every morning they waited by the back door

for the little children to come and visit them and give them some yummy left overs. In return for this yummy food, Maisy, Lulu and Pepper left the children some beautiful free range eggs which the children loved to eat as they knew that they were presents from their friends the chickens.

  • How cute! It must be lovely to have a few fresh eggs for baking.

  • How great from your children to see that eggs come from chickens and not from the supermarket!

  • Too sweet…fresh eggs..yummo!

  • Oh, that's gorgeous! We'd like to rescue some chickens from the pound when we move to Hurstbridge, and I hope they're as lovely and as much a part of the family as yours. xx

  • They absolutely look like part of the family 😉 The pics with your gorgeous little girl is like a postcard!

  • That is so cool. I wish I had chickens!


  • OK, OK, I have nearly given in to the chookhouse notion, (and your pics look very convincing!)