We went away for a few days camping at Cape Otway and as always, beautiful weather one day…rain the next.
Luckily we made it back before the rain.

Stopped off at Nanny’s on the way.
New family moved in on the farm
Spotted a few little friends in the trees at the camping ground
Hope you have been well and wish you a lovely weekend

  • Nat

    You are AMAZING Cathie ! Amazing !…such gorgeous pics !… So glad you guys had an awesome time…

  • How stunning!

  • Your photographs are really stunning – what a delight!

  • Your photos are just exquisite Cathie.
    I love Amelie's butterfly wings.

  • I love the photos too. The babies in the nest are so sweet. Wings are great too.

  • Gorgeous pics! As always! Hey is that the moon made into a heart? I did the same thing with my camera a few weeks ago although it didn't turn out nearly as good as yours! Also at a friends last weekend we did some torchlight typography on the beach!! Very funny trying to get it right with a 15 second exposure and a 'director' of photography!!!

  • Amazing photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

  • These photos are just a joy to see! Those butterfly wings are bliss . . .

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little birds in the nest. So sweet!

  • Oh those photos! Wow! So pleased you had such a great time with your gorgeous family.

  • What gorgeous photos. I know you take lots of stunning photos so your lucky (and adorable) kids are going to have so many beautiful photos of their childhood, but that butterfly photo on the beach is so spectacular, surely it will become a treasured favorite. It looks like you had a fantastic little get away.

  • Thanks Cathie for sharing all those gorgeous photos with us. It looks like your little ones had a great time exploring and seeing nature.:)

  • What a gorgeous photo of your daughter with her butterfly wings! Aren't little girls just divine!

  • Thank you for your lovely comment! I´m longing for the summer when I see your pictures!! The Koala is sooo sweet!

    The wristwarmers will soon be for sale in my etsy shop, both in pink and other colours 😉

    But then wristwarmers is probably not what you need most when living in Australia, lol!

    Bye Kirsten

  • Oh Cathie!!!! STUNNING!!!!! x