Weekend celebrations

Busy, rainy September weekend for us.


We have an anniversary today, twelve years..love you baby
(photo taken 11 years ago)


Father’s day tomorrow and my Chef boy’s birthday on Monday.


Hmmm, now the hardest decision will be what kind of cake I should  make on Monday?

Enjoy your weekend celebrations ♥


  • Oh my god! it is 6 years for us today too!! I can't put my blog post up yet cos Chef hasn't seen his present.

  • Congratulations Cathie on celebrating your anniversary, I hope you have something nice planned for the two of you:)) We celebrate 12 years next Sunday, doesn't time fly by. Enjoy your wonderful celebrations. Happy weekend to all of you. xo

  • What a busy next few days!! Happy Anniversary – and loving your photos (as always). xox

  • Cat

    Happy Anniversary to you lovely one. We celebrated 9 years earlier in the week. What a gorgeous card you have there. 🙂 xo

  • Beautiful shots as always. Happy anniversary Cath. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Any cake by you is a perfect cake, sweet Cathie. Happy happy celebrating this weekend. Your little ones drawings are so sooooo sweet! Your photos are always such eye candy to me.
    Sending you lots of festive hugs for a wonderful weekend! xxooxxooxxooxx

  • Happy Anniversary Cathie!
    What a lot of celebrating and love for you this weekend! Hugs to you.xxxx

  • gee- what a fun weekend celebrating good things. Hooray for 12 years and old photos!

  • Happy Anniversary, a dozen years, perfect for you chefy types. I'm up to a baker's dozen, i know, we were all child brides!! Have a beautiful day, rain & cuddles. Love Posie

  • The happiest and sweetest of anniversaries to you and your chef boy, Cathie. I hope you get a bit of time to celebrate and maybe a bit of romance too. Happy fathers' day and birthday to him too. Have fun. X

  • Sounds like an extremely busy weekend. Have fun! My vote is for red velvet cake.

  • What a big week-end – Happy Cooking – I'm sure what ever you make will be demolished and the plates licked clean.
    Happy Anniversary – may you find some "us" time together and some "we" time for all those other minutes of the day 🙂

  • Lovely pictures…Happy Weekend to you, it is sure to be amazing 🙂 Congrats on that 12 yr mark!!!

  • Have a lovely celebration filled weekend. Your photos are always so beautiful. That denim heart card is truly awesome!

  • Happy Anniversary Cathie and your lovely man! Hope you have a bit of just you two lovey dovey time somewhere in there.
    And a lovely weekend as well xo

  • WOW a fun and busy time coming up. Enjoy every minute Darling! Your pics are so beautiful as always. Happy Ann-i-ver-sary … and all ♥♥♥♥

  • Congratulations sweet one …enjoy your special day…happy dance. xoxo

  • Happy Anniversary! Beautiful card. I love it when the kids do drawings for us in our cards:) xo

  • Wow a neat set of celebration Days for the Mr. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  • happy anniversary, I was born on the 4th!

  • H




    Hoping you have a W*O*N*D*E*R filled day full of many good memories!
    …smile on…Rosie

  • Hi Cathie, just read your comment the same minute I posted over at Rosies. Thought I pop in the wish you a lovely Sunday evening. It's noon here and I will soon prepare a little lunch. Huge hugs for the new week, sweet friend xoxoxoxoxox

  • Congrats and my best wishes for your annyversary – so great to have someone, to share life with, and to bake cakes for … i'm sure you#ll make sometinhg really delicious!

  • Congratulations, and congratulations!

  • Congratulations!
    Must be a good weekend for anniversaries, we celebrated 9 years since Chris arrived in Australia and I moved back home after 2.5 years living in the UK.

  • Congratulations – Happy Anniversary. Wow – 12 years! I have a ways to go… getting married the following Saturday 🙂