• I'll be right there! Just give me a few minutes!!

  • Yep. I knew I was kidding myself with that 'eating healthier' bizzo…

  • Cat

    Oh my, how'd I love to Cathie! Those look divine. I made the choc espresso cheesecake this morning (without the ganache). It tastes yummy but I must have done something odd as it is super gooey and didn't set properly even with an extra 30 mins in the oven. We have a rockin' oven so I can't blame that (unfortunately). I think maybe I need to try it again he hee. 🙂

  • Those are so beautiful!! I'm doing a no sugar thing and cupcakes are my favorite food in the world. Thanks for the temptation. Love your little fairy dust by the way…too cute!

  • Wow, they look amazing!!

  • Yes, yes, yes. Look's book in a date….

  • I knocked on the door and there was no answer!!! Where were you…you promised!! xx

  • Oh my goodness I am one to never miss a cupcake!!! What was I thinking…I will be right over!

  • tempting….^^

  • Do you just float around Cathie as everything you do is magical. They are adorable, love Posie

  • Amazing, oh how I would loved to have known you whilst in Melbourne!

  • YUM!!!!

  • Vic

    Okay… I'm here!

    They look sooooooooooo good.

    I hate you & your teasing, taunting ways! I do! Grrrrrrrrr even!

    (See…?! See…?! I am TOTALLY mean & hardcore baby!)

  • they look so sweet (ha ha ha)!

  • i'm on my way, say one for me! 🙂

  • so tempting! thank you!

  • So pretty! I love how delicate they look, the feeling that they will just melt in your mouth!

  • look out here I come!! hehee….Oh Cathie I need some advice. I am baking a birthday cake in a butterfly aluminium cake pan. What is the best way to make sure the cake doesn't stick??!!!!Thanks Sarah X

  • Cat

    I'll come for cupcakes!!! YUM YUM

  • Do you think they'd travel well? They look absolutely gorgeous, I have 'perfect buttercream swirl' envy!! x

  • Cathie, I just made mince meat out of the coffee espresso cheesecake… looks like crazy paving, but my husband is hooked. Thanks for the recipe 🙂 Will send a pic soon

  • be right over…those cupcakes, topped with love. dreamy, Cathie.

    one love.

  • chai sounds gooooooood! lucky i made it in time for some cupcakes! =)

    hugs, mica.
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    cya there soonz…

  • they look delicious Cathie. Love the assortment and the photography too.

  • Looking Good and tasting even better;ummm good!
    Are we getting ready for Valentine's day?

  • im coming right over. drooling on the way.

  • yumminess!

  • oh my! count me in 🙂 they are all so beautiful!!

  • cupcakes and chai…perfect for this chilly Toronto afternoon!

  • I'm on my way……
    So cute!

  • Oh Cathie, I can't think of anything nicer! XX

  • Oh Yes! I'll be there soon! Pop that kettle on for me

  • MiM

    goodness I have never visited here before.. YUM! 🙂

  • Make another pot of chai,and I'll just get my coat!

    I must try that chai cupcake recipe of yours…. sounds like my cup of tea (so to speak).

  • Oh my! These cupcakes look like heaven! I consider myself to be a good baker, but my cupcakes never look THIS pretty. Can I still come over? 🙂

  • wow love it! im a hugee fan of cupcakess
    me want some 🙂
    i've just found your blog. it's totally great and im a new follower
    mind to visit and follow me back? 🙂
    happy weekend!


  • Who wouldn't want to come over for cupcakes that look like that? You'd be heck on a girl's diet, I can tell.

  • Mel

    Uhhhhh – can't – type – drooling – all – over – keyboard — yuuuuuuummmm! Would it be over the top to travel to Melbourne for a cuppa and cupcakes?

  • I love those cupcake wrappers. I've been seeing them everywhere on the web & must find some to bring home one of these days.

  • YUM!!

  • Wow! These look amazing. What kind of frosting do you use on them. It seems to really hold it's swirl. My buttercream frosting always tends to go a bit melty… too much butter?

  • I wish I was coming over for cupcakes! Especially that teeny tiny baby one in the red wrapper at the front. It's so cute…and everyone knows that cute things taste sooo much better 🙂 Happy Weekend 🙂

  • Lyn

    ABSOLUTELY delicious!

  • Hmm… righteo… that does it… now Im hungry…

    Remind me never to look at photos of food when Im hungry.

    The presentation is fantastic.

  • My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  • Yummmiiii…
    Much Love,

  • Ooo i like the little baby one in the last pic!