What a beautiful day!

It was the most beautiful Melbourne day and it was the best market EVER!
The Northside Makers Market was buzzing from the moment we put the table down till the moment it was time to pack up and go home.
The girls did an un-be-lieavable amount of planning, organising and staged the most funnest market I have been to in a while.
Met some lovely people saw lots of blogland friends, had lovely surprise visits from family members and did not stop until I looked at the time and it was 2.45pm. wow….
and can you believe I did not take a single photo of my stall.
Was next to my lovely sis who was selling her gorgeous fabric covered button accessories,
…and the kids decided to do a bit of gardening for the church…oops, hope they didn’t mind the garden reno.

Thank you girls and thank you to the lovely people that popped by to say hello and made me smile all day.

  • Looks gorgeous – so glad you had such a lovely time!

  • I agree melbourne's weather finally getting warmer! your sis' fabric covered button accessories looks so cute!

  • My M.E. goodies are already all gone 🙁

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

    Jen in Melbourne

  • Oh that looks like so much fun. I would love to do that!!

  • I love the word 'funnest'! So glad you had a good day!

  • Lovely to meet you Cathie! Looking forward to the next market!

  • I didn't get to come over, because I was behind my table most of the time. However my mother purchased two of your chocolate cup cakes with chocolate icing. OMG OMG I can honestly say they were one of the best chocolate cup cakes I have ever had. Next time I hope to visit and introduce myself.

    Question did I see you take a pic of my stall (windmills for kids). If so, please may I have a copy for my blog. Thank you.
    Pivotal Xpressions

  • Oh my goodness, your haloumi and herb bread was so delicious! Thank-you!

    It was a great market, well done to everyone involved. Thanks to your sis too, her magnets now have pride of place on my fridge.

  • Hi Cathie! Thankyou so much for being part of our day, it wouldn't be a market without Melbourne Epicure. We've made a Flickr group for market photos, just visit this link and click 'join'.
    Can't wait to see more of your photos!

  • Was so disappointed we didn't make it…but Alfie woke up too late etc, etc! Was sooo looking forward to one of your famous cakes! Glad you had a good day x

  • It's so great that it was the best market ever! I cannot believe you didn't take any photos of your stall though. I made about 6 batches of your vanilla cupcakes for Jazzy's party today and they were amazing!!! Bren has this thing about cupcakes. He thinks they are dry and boring but LOVED yours! He said they were the best cupcakes he's ever eaten. I'll put some pics up on my blog tomorrow. I added cocoa to some and pink colour to others and they were amazing. Thanks heaps once again for another great recipe. Love Kate XX

  • Oh Cathie I am glad you had a great market, the photos look amazing I love the effect you put in where we can hardly see people "silhouettes"xx

  • It certainly was a lovely day. I just had a look at the photos you took over at Flickr and they're stunning!

  • Glad the markets was a huge success! I have seen a few reviews around the traps. Wish I could attend one of these great market days!

  • lovely and great photos! i love your blog everytime! 🙂

  • looks like it was an awesome day!! I met Sandra from Pepperberry and Tamara who makes those great retro lamps yesterday at Yarraville and they both said Northside was awesome!! glad you had a lovely day, and hopefully I might see you at the next one!

    ~ Samone

  • I am so convinced that you markety lot are actually just coming up with excuses for day long parties! Glad to hear it was the funnest…

  • Looks lovely – next time you will have to take pics of your stall 🙂