What’s happening

loving the new fun skill of needle felting thanks to Mel

this little cutie was actually made by Mel last night for Amelie, the one I
made must have seriously been eaten by one of the kids (we were joking they would do that)
they were playing with it in the morning and next thing you know…gone!!


stamping recipe cards to send to a lovely lady


embroidering the wonderful letters my little boy can now write….ahhhh

what have you been creating?
Hugs and happy creating ♥

p.s just wanted to thank you for leaving comments, I have been a little behind on the visits lately.  August is a bad time for us emotionally so please stick around, your sweet words mean so much.

  • You've been doing lots of beautiful creating in your space lately. I love the embroidery of Aidan's name, what a beautiful idea to keep that moment in time captured. Take care lovely. xx

  • That cookie looks good enough to eat! And such a sweet idea to embroider your son's writing ~ cute!

    Hope you are having a beautiful August Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Isn't needle felting just the coolest craft?!! ANd I'm going to squirrel away that gorgeous idea of embroidering your little man's writing…brilliant and beautiful!! Hoping your world is filled with sunshine 🙂 x

  • Love the embroidery – I've been saving a few choice pieces of my big girl's "art work" to embroider as keepsakes.

  • What a brilliant idea embroidering your son's writing…you know I still haven't gotten around to embroidering any art work yet, there are just not enough hours in the day.
    Love the little felted bikkie, looks good enough to eat.


  • Hi Cathie

    the cookie looks very real I would have eaten it too! Embroidering your little boys name is so beautiful something to treasure forever.

    Sending beautiful thoughts your way

    Always Wendy

  • Love your creative space Cathie!LOl about the disappearing of the cookie:)Brilliant idea about the first name writing so special.Wishing you a lovely Friday 🙂 xx

  • thinking of you in this tough month cathie!!

    i so want to learn how to needle felt, but i don't think my chances of excelling are very high 😉

    wish it was a real macaroon. They are my FAV sweet!


  • hey cathie, be kind to yourself my friend.

  • Ooo Cathie, you've been so crafty, I'm loving all of it :o)
    That is so cute that maybe one of the kiddies has a little felt macaroon inside them… actually I kind of hope they don't :o/
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations xo

  • Tas

    That embroidery will be something to cherish.

    I am doing some "old fashioned" sewing. Something requiring ironing as I go, some handsewing, facings. It is nice to take my time and sew something properly.

  • ahahahahahahahahaha i really hope they didn't eat it!!
    the embroidery looks great with the n in red! i think you were still deciding last ncb what colour to go 😀
    oh and i have to get stamping too! you've reminded me!

  • Sam

    I found some real half-eaten biccies under my desk yesterday, so maybe look there! The embroidery of your son's name is so beautiful, I may have to borrow that idea, I have stacks of his artwork and writing to inspire me xSam

  • That embroidery of Aidan's name is just beautiful.

  • What a great idea with embroidering the name – might have to do that – what a great memory:) Hugs – hope that you come out and see the sunshine again soon.

  • nothing in needlework. only getting creative in the kitchen. just put a cherry, chocolate chip and nut sour cream cake. not sure how it will turn out…

  • What beautiful embroidery…something to keep forever, just wish they would stay small forever.

  • Hi! I'm so glad you visited me so that I could find my way to your beautiful blog! I'm about to settle down for a good old look around. Have a fab weekend!

  • Your idea of embroidering Aidans letters is brilliant! I might have to copy your great idea.
    Your needle felted macaron turned out beautiful, love it!
    Love for a wonderful week ahead xxxx

  • beautiful makings sweet cathie.

    sending you hugs and strength to get you through the month of august.

    rachel ox

  • The felt cookie looks so sweet – and definitely no added calories:) Your cupcake stamp is gorgeous…I love the recipe cards and your two coloured stamp…very clever! Hope August is treating you kindly!

  • I tried your carrot cupcakes with sweet cream they were delish.

  • I just love that stamp and the embroidery is so cute!

  • Oh, I love your crafts. And Aidan's name is super special! Hugs to you during August (and always, actually). xx