• Maddie has one of these pettiskirts and LOVES it!

  • Ooh, too beautiful! I'm not surprised she can't sit still with that on, you're lucky she sat down at all and didn't just twirl away!

  • What a really cute twirly skirt! I visited my niece and nephew yesterday and they were so full of energy – it was so nice to see them 🙂

  • ♥ These are FABULOUS Cathie, Hope that headache has faded away gorgeous…. see you in the morningxx

  • Oh my goodness! That is the best tutu EVER!
    I'm off to check if they have big girl sizes.
    And don't expect me to sit still if I get one. XX

  • Both my girls have pettiskirts and love them (although the big girl won't wear hers in public now as she doesn't like all the comments she gets). That colour is gorgeous.

  • The photo is just beautiful. What a gorgeous skirt and what fun it must be to wear. My little one put her order in for the bright pink one, maybe Christmas.xo

  • When I was little if I would had been lucky enough to get a beautiful skirt like that I would have turn and turned until the end of the day!:)
    How gorgeous picture, little one and skirt!! xx

  • Beautiful skirts, umm might just have to invest in one of these for Skye. I have the same problems she rarely sits still so hard to photography sometimes.

  • Gorgeous photo.She looks so pretty.I love the skirt.

  • Haha ~ wait until they are older ~ then you may get them sitting still but there will be hands in front of their face and tongues sticking out! sigh… kids… you have to love them! The skirt looks fun!!

    Hope you have a Happy Week Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • so very pretty…

  • lovely skirt. and yes, i share those same sentiments today, after two hours of trying to get some good shots of my kids (without much luck!).

  • Ah, the constant blur of the fast moving child. Their little bodies are filled with jumping beans, I'm pretty sure. I want one of those skirts too! Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful, I was just saying this about miss S..

  • Love this combination of sailor shirt and tutu skirt!

  • I don't think it matters that she hasn't sat still – the images are still gorgeous 🙂

  • I wonder that very same thing 😉
    Very sweet images – love them.
    Have a great day.

  • So true! But these photos look great regardless. that skirt likes it'll be lots of fun with much twirling.

  • I can't see too many girls slowing down in those skirts – the batteries must slow down eventually and there's your opportunity !
    great piccies just the same – conveys the motion that travels with the skirt

  • That's a fab skirt! Thanks for sharing the link for it! I can imagine my daughter spinning around and around and around until she can't stand upright!

  • Bec

    Who could stay still when wearing a gorgeous twirly skirt! I have my eye on one of these for my daughters birthday she will be in love xx

  • The pettiskirt is gorgeous! I love that tutu look! Your photographs are stunning too:) Mine are both a bit crook today, so there's not much jumping around going on at our place, it's nice and quiet:) x

  • wish I could wear one without drawing attention so pretty

  • I wouldn't sit still if I had a skirt like that!!!! Its-a-made for DANCING!!! xx

  • What a little angel; she is so charming!

  • my, what a fabulous outfit! she's adorable, lucky girl 🙂