• Gorgeous!
    You have a magical weekend too, lovely.

  • I love that, so cute!
    Thank you and I hope you have a great day also.

  • Too cute! My kids are just about to plunge into the pool.
    Have a great weekend too.

  • Love it!
    Happy weekend wishes to you!

  • Oh how I love this…hugs.xox

  • What a gorgeous powerful little post your daughter is adorable…i love blowing and telling the time even now 😉 Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  • Dearest Cathie, your four year old sweet heart is so very adorable. Love love your little movie of this beautiful movie star!
    Happy hugs to you for a happy Spring weekend XO XO XO

  • oohhh – that's too cute ! Nicely captured Miss Cathie – hope you enjoying the beautiful sunshine x

  • What a gorgeous idea Cathie! Thanks for reminding us – we forget sometimes about living in the moment like small people do!

  • What a lovely post Cathie!!

  • hahaha!!! did he accidentally eat it??? that is just adorable….i spend the whole day outside with my adorables, and we chased bubbles and giggled in the shade so very much like a kid i was xx

  • Definitely made me smile to see such cuteness!

  • Aww… super cute!
    Those dandy's can be a bit tricky. : D

  • That is too funny 🙂

  • Oh Cathie, this is so beautiful and very timely words for me, after my weekend. Your little lad is so gorgeous, such a sweet post :o) xo

  • You're lovely, Cathie. x

  • Too cute. That's a lovely wish.

  • He He, perfect!! xx

  • Ah Cathie…this is just what I needed today, thank you 🙂


  • C H A R M I N G dearest, completely
    C H A R M I N G …hugs for a great week…xoxox…Rosie

  • he, he – hilarious! We have faaaar too many of those lovely dandelions on our front lawn. Made all the more profuse by how much fun it is to blow them! One of the joys of childhood.

  • Oh that is such a cute animation Cathie!!
    Hope you have a great weekend too – I am Sewjourning with a couple of NCB chickies!

  • Cathie thank you for such a beautiful weekend wish for us, I wish the same for you my friend, we all need to let go sometimes and just enjoy life in that moment. I just love this animation it really made me smile.

    Always Wendy

  • I'm going to giggle all weekend, thank you for the reminder to giggle more!!!!!
    Wishing you joy,

  • So sweet! Happy weekend to you!

  • So sweet…Oh how I have missed your blog…And a very very very belated THANK YOU for your sweet mail. I absolutely loved it. I am so sorry I haven't gotten to you sooner to give thanks.