• Lots more baking at your house!! I love those mixes in a jar – they look so cute in layers. Hope you are having a nice day. Lou.

  • Lovely. xx

  • Yummo – that jar looks amazing!

  • i love the photos and want to make one of those cookie jars as a gift soon 🙂

  • Looks full of sweet promises!

  • You are such a talented photographer cathie! I have been wanting to make one of those cookies in a jar for ages! Maybe next one of Lou's craft night, you and I can do these???

  • Oooh cookie jars. That would make a great birthday gift with a little girls apron wouldn't it? Thanks for the inspiration (and loving the pics as always!)

  • Ash

    i love love love the 1st pic and then the others follow to my favourite pics. 🙂

  • love it Cathie, what is the delicious thing you are baking- I can't figure if it's a cookie or bread.

  • Gorgeous photos – but I'm missing something. What's cookies in a jar?

  • I love the idea of cookies in a jar! You should sell those at your next market 🙂

  • I think I could live in your kitchen Cathie!
    xo, Kali

  • Sweet and calm. Lovely as always!

  • awww they all look so great!

  • these are so stunning I am completely wordless!!!!

  • ohhhh how gorgeous! Love the hearts…..& that jar of goodness – oh yummmmm! thanks for joining in Cathie XO

  • You really do take lovely photos. Cookies in a jar ….sounds and looks wonderful.

  • Those pretty red hearts get me smiling everytime. I hope you are having a good week Cathie. xo

  • ♥ Stunning pixs – the red hearts look beautiful! ♥

  • This sure does look tempting! I am getting an itch for an M&M cookie! YUM! Hope & your kiddos have been well!!!

  • mmm think I would like whats in that jar, just a few anyway!

  • Hey, i just saw a coockie mixture like that at Bakerella today – do you know her? Some great inspiration there. But i like your style better – not so perfect and more natural.

  • I want it from the jar! 🙂 i love your photos..