yay…100 and a special treat for you!

I began this blog in March 2009 and I have finally reached 100 posts! In this short amount of time my life has been completely and forever changed by this whirlwind adventure we all love called blogging.
When I first started this journey I had really no idea what it was going be like, what I’d write about or really if anyone was even going to visit.
Since having my two adventurous creatures I have reignited my passion for baking and photography and I wanted to share my love of it with you as well. My wonderful journey is still going on during the good times and the recent bad times and I have found it quite therapeutic on the mind and soul.I love hearing from you as it makes me happy inside and smiley on the outside because I know that someone out there actually cares about what I have to say and lets me know that, so thank you ♥.I hope you have enjoyed being a part of my journey and I hope you will continue to follow me as I grow as a person and as a blogger.As a thank you for visiting and following my adventures I have a special giveaway.Firstly I have a handmade m.e denim & cupcake apron (2-5 yr old) and gingerbread family cookie cutter set with mini rolling pin.Depending on the number of responses I’ll give away a few more sets of gingerbread family cookie cutters & mini rollingpins.I don’t like rules so I’m not asking you to do anything apart from please leave me a comment with a recipe request or any baking or photography question that you may have.I’ll do a random number pick or something along those lines on Tuesday the 22nd of September.
If you’d like to blog about it or follow my adventures, just let me know with another comment and I will add another chance for you, if not that’s still fine.
Thank you ♥

  • How cute is that set!! It goes perfectly with my very similar competition I'm running at the moment!

    Cathie I love your blog and I'm happy with just about anything you put up! Christmas cookies perhaps?
    Happy 100 – here's to many, many more! xxx

  • Cat

    Hi Cathie,

    Yay for 100!

    I love reading your thoughts and getting all inspired by your projects…and feel for you a great deal with all that you've been going through.

    I'm sooo keen to get your opinion on how I could make the perfect icing for a "sailboat" cake that I want to make for the bebito's 1st birthday next week. We have a, "Where the Wild Things Are" theme and I'm thinking I'd like to make Max's sailboat for the cake. I've never worked with icing at all before so don't know whether I should try something rustic a la butter cream or if I should do something a bit smoother? For me, the taste is uber important too. I'd love to get your thoughts.

    Much love to you!

  • Congratulations on reaching the magical 100! I love your photos and your delicious creations.

    I would love to know how to stop my choc bits from sinking to the bottom of the cake when I bake it.

  • Congrats on reaching 100 posts. I would love to know if you have a really good gingerbread recipe. Also what time of the day you find it is best to photograph food – for lighting purposes.

  • I love your blog. I would love to know what sort of camera you have? There you go….bet you didn't see that question coming? x

  • Congrats on 100 posts hun!
    I hope the sunny days ahead makes you all a little more happier 🙂

    I love your baking posts!
    I cannot wait to make thered velvet cupcakes for the engagement party!
    I'd love ANYmore recipes/photos of cakes, slices etc, as we will be having a dessert bar at the wedding


  • I have loved, am loving and will continue to love taking this journey with you Cathie. Congreats for 100 posts.

    I have an impossible recipe request for you… something that you can guarantee my kids will eat!!! xxxx

  • Ooooh! I have an adorable 3yo who would LOVE that cupcake apron!!! (I'll pay for the international shipping if I win!)

  • ps. I am twittering this post 😉

  • Happy 100!! I feel like I have already used up my question quota with the preserved lemon question on my blog today. When I told Bren my friend Cathie had sent me some recipe suggestions he (being a non blogger) laughed and told me I'd never met you how could I call you my friend. He has no idea about this crazy blogging adventure we are all on. But here's to the next 100 and the next…..

  • So exciting and congrats on your 100th post!! That is an adorable apron you made!! I made a bunch of half aprons for my little cousins a few years ago, they loved it 🙂 I love checking in on your adventures and all of your beautiful photography, thank you so much for sharing with us!

  • wooow 🙂 congreats for 100!!
    giveaway great idea :))) Am i join ??? i request (hmmmm :)) delicious christmas cookie recipe? ok ?

    thanks m.e. 🙂

  • Congrats on your 100th post! If you have tips/recipes for beautiful and tasty sugar cookies with that glossy icing, I would love to see that.

  • yay for 100!!! What about a really good…cocktail recipe!?! Something to enjoy whilst the kids are enjoying your cakes on a summers afternoon!

  • Kat

    Congratulations on 100 posts! I have only recently found your blog but I loved it straight away. I like the other requests for a christmas cookie recipe. Or even christmas cupcakes?? Do you have a recipe that is a christmas tradition for your family? Congratulations again and keep up the great blogging!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the fantastic work Cath.

    I'm really really lucky as I don't have an oven at home (thankfully my kitchen did come with a sink!)……if I had an oven I would be baking everything you post up here!

    Most importantly I want to congratulate you for re-birthing your photography.
    I remember this day we had together at photography school…….We went for a coffee and we were sitting inside a cafe. We both had our medium format camera's with us. We loved the light in the cafe and we just starting shooting away.
    It was so natural for us to pick up the camera back then and have no fear but to dance with the land of visual communication………..from the bottom of my heart, I am so happy to see you do that again.


  • Congrats on 100. I too am a recent reader.
    I have one little question, how do you get the icing to look like that in the top photo!

  • Congratulations on 100 posts. I am just starting out blogging as a quilter and have a long way to go to get to 50 let alone 100! There is lots I have to learn about photographing quilts, starting with how to lay them out or hang them up to even get to the picture taking stage!

  • Happy 100 posts! Congratulations… I love reading your blog, but must admit that sometimes I find it too mouth watering to bare!

    I would love some sweet recipes featuring raspberries or blueberries… yum…

  • Great blog and great giveaway! I would like to know about how you make the sugary orange rind twirly bits that you decorate the top of your orange and poppyseed cakes with – or lemon for lemon cakes. Thanks! Lou.

  • Bel

    Hi Cathie

    I have only recently just discovered your blog through another bloggind friend and can I just say you have re-ignited the baker in me and for that I thank you (so does my family 😉

    So far I love all your recipes and would love to see something christmassy in the coming months

    Congrats on 100 posts and I look forward to the next 100!!!

    Bel xx

  • Hi Cathie it is always a pleasure to come and soak up the atmosphere of your blog, the recipes, photos are always a delight!!I wish I was better at taking my photos that would help my business a great way…So Congrats on your 100 post and waiting for lots more to come and read and admire…Your giveaway is just beautiful shame it won't fit me!!!!Sandrine xxxx

  • Congratulations on your 100th post! Your posts and pictures are always so beautiful and so genuinely sincere. Love them! What type of camera do you use, which lens and do you ever use a flash?

  • Congrats on post 100!!! 🙂 Those cutters look divine! not to mention that gorgeous apron 🙂

    I would love any recipe that is quick, easy & delicious & that my little ones can easily help with – they adore cooking!!

    Love your photography so any photo's you post I am happy to see!!! XO

  • How the HECK did I miss this? Just goes to show I have been living on another planet lately. Congratulations lovely lady. Now…hmn…you know I just can't go past quick and easy, yummy and healthy treats for the lunchbox, right?

  • I just love that you are having a 100th post giveaway and feel bad that I didn't lol… It is just wonderful to join in your journey and I agree blogging has opened up an enormous world of like minded friends. I am happy for you hun!! You deserve it!!

    xo Steph

  • hey miss Cathie,
    It's 100 already, how we've grown. The art of expression through blogging, is indeed therapeutic, motivational and somewhat addictive (: I'm so glad to have met you and my question is….please tell us every time you're having a market stall. I have withdrawals if I don't get my gingerbread fix often enough. xx

  • Well done Cathie – and a great 100 it has been! How about a cup cake recipe making use of yummy summer fruits???

  • gorgeous giveaway.
    congrats on 100 Cathie. You know I love your recipes – I try as many as I can manage – and your photos are so beautiful.
    with summer coming i'd love to try more berry recipes if you have any. or lunch box suggestions for the littles.

  • I think that I am running late for this:)

    But just wanted to wish you a happy 100 post birthday:) Congratulations. I love your posts and your photos.

    Recipe request – I need to use up what is in our pantry before I leave. And I have three bags of almond meal in there – any ideas???

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