A year of reflection

When I was younger birthdays were all about presents, going out, having a few drinks and definitely all about m e .
Today it’s not about all that or even about me, it’s more about what I wake up to every morning and those faces that look up at me and make my heart melt when they smile.
I can’t say it has been a great year for me mentally but I am getting by and remembering that losing a person in my life doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life and smile.

Today I sit here and think about all the good in my life, I celebrate another year another few smile lines and the precious things that make my life what it is today.
Thank you for listening and visiting even when things haven’t been full of sprinkles.  
You made the hurt and the fuzziness seem better with your sweet words.
Today my heart is full of sprinkles, colour and love.
See you in a few days as I enjoy some of those precious smiles and cuddles.

Many hugs ♥

  • Happy Birthday beautiful Cathie XO enjoy lots of birthday cuddles & cake!! may all your wishes come true & the year be full of blessings XO

  • Jen

    Happy happy happy birthday Cathie. Sending lots of love and sprinkles your way today Jenxxx

  • Beautiful Girl – I send out to you my heartfelt best wishes for a joyous birthday in the sunshine, and hope they come to you in the gentle breeze.
    Me ayapi – Kali xo

  • Happy Birthday Cathie! You are so special and real… thats why we all love visiting here. Have a wonderful day. xox

  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday today Cathie. It's so difficult when life delivers the unexpected, but I hope your little munchkins manage to keep a smile on your dial today!

  • Happy Birthday sweetheart! So glad we were all able to give you some comfort in your times of struggle. Enjoy today, you deserve it.


  • Have a lovely birthday! losing someone special is sad and hurts deeply- it's so great that you feel joy about other things in your life. Hope this next year brings wonderful happy times x

  • Oh, Sweetie, happy birthday! Loving the photos, as always. Hmm, life can be like a box of chocolates, can't it? Keep writing, keep sharing – you make me smile even if you don't always feel like it. Know you're not alone in feeling down. J x

  • TK

    Happy Birthday with LOADS of sprinkles to you dearest one, thankYOU for making me feel better when I have been down & flat…..your words have helped me many many times & I am so grateful for that, TK xx

  • Happy Birthday Cathie!
    Sending you some sprinkles of happiness.

  • Happy Birthday Cathie! May your day be filled with lots of warmth and happiness.
    Janelle xo

  • happy birthday to yooooooou!
    i hope you get very spoilt!

  • Happy Birthday,

    Your reflections were so sincere and heartfelt.

  • Pam

    Cathie, it's your birthday!!?? I hadn't realised. Big Happy Birthday hugs to you and a loud smacking kiss added in for good measure! Hope you have the nicest, cosiest and loving one ever.
    It's always been a pleasure to listen to and visit you, and I've loved your visits and words in return. We do seem to get more reflective and thoughtful as we get older don't we, and "things" in life change their meanings and effects.
    But you know, it can still be somewhat about us and the pressies and the fun at these times! It's part of who we are and why others love us in the first place.
    Besides…..who doesn't love getting gifts!? Yay! Have a ball on this day that celebrates the birth of unique you!
    Oh my! Too profound you think? ;~) xoxox

  • HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY my special friend!!! I hope you have the BEST day and are spoilt rotten because you deserve it sooo much!!! Today is special important day because you were born and I'm ( and lots of others) are soo happy about that. I'm sorry this has been a hard year for you, I hope so much the next one is a fabulous one. xoxo

  • Happy Birthday Cathie!

    I totally agree with everything you said. I am thankful for everyday.

    Guess what? Its my birthday tomorrow – I hope your friends and family spoil you rotten.

  • Dear Cathie – the happiest of birthday's to you! And as all the boy GenY'ers from here @ The Hedge would say – PARTY HARD!!
    Millie ^_^

  • Happy, happy birthday! It's lovely just to sit back sometimes and admire your children and the wonder of them, isn't it?

  • Happy Birthday Cathie, you have been through so much yet your strength shows in that even despite all this you can still see what have got in your life. xxx

  • Happy birthday Cathie! Hope you have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy your time away with the family. See you when you get back. Lou.

  • I love that my mouse has magic sprinkles that follow it when i move across your page, I love that you share a little piece of your heart each time you write for us, I love that your photo's tell a story and that your bakery treats bring a smile to many, most of all…I love that you are my bloggy friend. Happy birthday special lady.
    Jay xx

  • Happy birthday, Cathie. I hope the coming year is full to the brim with sprinkles and sparkles. Nic x

  • Kat

    Happy Birthday Cathie! I hope you have a fantastic day. And I hope the next year brings you a little less saddness and a little less fuzziness. Kat xo

  • Happy Birthday, may your day be filled with hugs, kisses and happiness! Love Styl xo

  • Happy Birthday Dear Cathie. I hope the year ahead is full of unexpected magic and dreams come true. xxx

  • Sending you a birthday hug and warmest wishes across the miles, Cathie!

    xoxo Gigi

  • Happy Birthday Cathie. What lovely words and so well said xxx

  • Happy birthday lovely Cathie!
    Its funny how birthdays and their focus seem to shift as we get older.
    I hope this one is happy, happy, happy.
    I hope it is full of singing and smiling and dancing.
    I hope the coming year is easier.
    Much love. XX

  • Happy Happy Birthday Cathie!! Wishing you an extra special one. xoxo

  • A heart full of sprinkles, colour & love is a PERFECT HEART in my eyes 🙂 Happy Birthday Cathie!! Enjoy today…and everyday 🙂
    P.S. This post was gorgeous! And as always…your blog has made me smile 🙂

  • So happy your heart is happy today my friend.

    It is a good thing to see our blessings everyday…somedays it is hard but they are there.

    Hugs and love being sent your way…oooooooh I so want to bite that cookie.

  • Happy Birthday lovely Cathie! Wishing you a special, smiley, cuddly birthday, and an easier year to come… xx

  • Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday Dear Cathie…..happy birthday to you….I hope you have a lovely day and that next year is strong and positive for you. Birthday hugs Dee x

  • Happy, Happy Birthday. Smile and enjoy that gorgeous family of yours. I'm sure there will be lots of hugs. xx

  • Happy Birthday beautiful lady. May your day be filled with all things special, beautiful and precious. Enjoy your special day. Hugs to you. xo

  • Happy Birthday Cathie! It might not always be sprinkles but your little blog and your lovely words bring handfuls of colorful sprinkles to our days xxx
    Hope you had a truly lovely day.

  • Jen

    happy birthday and thanksgiving

  • HAppy Birthday Cathie. Sending happy sprinkles across the pond to you.

  • Wishing you bundles of birthday blessing!!! You are the colourful sprinkles that make your childrens eyes dance with joy!!!

  • Wishing you a gorgeous and soul nourishing day sweet Cathie! May your rainbow poppets shower you with sunshine and laughter. 🙂 x

  • Happy Birthday Love!! Consider yourself squeezed by ME!! xx

  • Happy Birthday!!! So glad you are having a wonderful day!!!

  • Happy Birthday, beautiful soul.
    Your sweet words make me smile and remind me there is so much good out there.
    Cat xox

  • Happy Birthday oh Gorgeous one!!

  • Happy happy Birthday sweet Cathie! I hope YOUR day will be special in every way. Banners, cupcakes, balloons, cute drawings by your sweet peas, huge hugs and kisses, family fun.
    Much love to YOU xxxx

  • Happy Birthday Cathie, I probably have missed the day…I hope you are having a great time with lots of pressies and cuddles!
    Look at all those comments you are such an inspiration for us all!
    Bon Anniversaire et grosses bises!
    Sandrine XOX

  • Happy Birthday Cathy! You certainly ad to much happyness here in blogland, it's good to have you around. Cheeers to beautiful you!

  • Hello, my friend. Happy, happy birthday to you. May your year be blessed and rich and full!

  • sending you warm wishes. have a good one.

  • Happy Birthday Cathie, have been thinking of you and hoping you are well.

  • Hi. I'm here first time, but I'm in love in this blog! Here is so nice, lovely and warm…
    I'll come back 😉
    Best wishes 🙂

  • What a sweet way to say life has it's downs, that it's not always full of sprinkles!! Happy beautiful birthday to you & i agree, i'm the last person i think of on my birthdays, i'm so happy i'm a wife & mummy. Love Posie

  • Happy Birthday – a bit late but I hope that it was lovely. You know, despite the really sad times you have experienced, you always speak with such gentleness and kindness- you show a resilience that you don't realise you have. You are always putting a smile on the face of others with your pictures and your recipes. I hope for you that the coming year is full of hundreds and thousands of…well, hundreds and thousands!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Cathie. Yep, Birthday's are a little different now but still make sure you ask for that special something you'd like. I've only just figured this one out, otherwise it feels like 'just another groundhog day'… Love your shots and the way there are sprinkles flying through the air… Pruxxx

  • Hi sweet friend, just popping in to wish you a glorious new week. Some really cold weather is banging on my door, I believe I am not that ready yet …
    Lots of love xxxx

  • Sending you a BIG Birthday HUG…
    and sending you a "brand new year" full of much laughter, GOOD health, your children's giggles, and your friends smiles…Blessings dear Cathie

  • I wish you so much joy, deep belly laughs, adventure, silliness, peace, a little dancing in the kitchen and a whole lotta love!

  • happy birthday

  • a belated happy birthday cathie!!!! hoping the next year is s bit easier on you!


  • i send you love! lots of love.