A year of reflection

When I was younger birthdays were all about presents, going out, having a few drinks and definitely all about m e .
Today it’s not about all that or even about me, it’s more about what I wake up to every morning and those faces that look up at me and make my heart melt when they smile.
I can’t say it has been a great year for me mentally but I am getting by and remembering that losing a person in my life doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life and smile.

Today I sit here and think about all the good in my life, I celebrate another year another few smile lines and the precious things that make my life what it is today.
Thank you for listening and visiting even when things haven’t been full of sprinkles.  
You made the hurt and the fuzziness seem better with your sweet words.
Today my heart is full of sprinkles, colour and love.
See you in a few days as I enjoy some of those precious smiles and cuddles.

Many hugs ♥