• My heart goes out to you and yours. This year was the 10th anniversary of my father's passing…it's strange, some years are harder than others, some days I am struck with the pain out of the blue. That he never met my daughter is a hard thing. But mostly, now I can remember the good times and not think of him as ill or damaged. His laughter and smiles were like no other and sometimes I can hear or see him and smile to myself or laugh out loud.
    Be kind and gentle with yourself these days and think of your favorite memories.
    Much love.

  • he's always with you..i believe 🙂 don't be sad..

  • I can relate to what Lola Nova said, its been over 8 years since my dads passing – and it does come up out of the blue – small things can trigger it like a song he used to sing to. I shed a tear and then think about what a wonderful dad he was and smile. Your post made me shed a tear. Make sure you get lots of loving hugs from you family.

  • hugs


  • Thinking of you today

  • Big Hugs Cathie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kat

    Sending positive vibes and big big hugs your way xoxo

  • Hugs

  • Thinking of all of your family but especially you. So sad for you as you pass this milestone. Lou.

  • I have tears in my eyes reading this beautiful post. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Cathie xx

  • Sending you positive thoughts and strength today…

  • tons of (((hugs)))

  • My thoughts are with you, Cathie.
    Much love and hugs –

  • Thinking of you Cathie at this difficult time xx

  • All I have is HUGS for you.

    Try to remember the good times – they are the memories that you want to hold on to – As hard as it is.

    Love K

  • Oh Cathie, much love to you and your family, from all of us. Loads of hugs & XXXX.

    Love from Jennie.x

  • Hugs to you!My husband died 8 years ago in May.Life goes on…Im sure your father wouldnt want to see you this way.Think of Happy times and know this was the best for him.God Bless!

  • Vic

    I have no words babe, only tears. xoxox

  • Oh miss Cathie you make me cry…I too went to see dad for the first time in quite a while and all the pain of loss, anger and loneliness come rushing back the minute I sat by his head stone to say Hi.
    He never met Finn, He never traveled overseas, he never got to walk me down the isle…but I had him as part of my life for 29 years, at least I have that to remember. some people had less time then that with a dad or no dad at all, so for that I am grateful.
    Big hug lovely lady, you're in my thoughts xoxoxo

  • Jen

    thinking of you xx

  • Oh my darling…you made it through the first year…the hardest year is done…hoping that each one after this, will be just that much easier…my prayers are with you dearest…I too have lost my dad and I feel your pain…sending you a tender hug…love Rosie

  • Oh Cathie – reading that made my heart move in my chest for you. Tears stinging my eyes. I know it hurts. Believe it or not, it's good that you're feeling the pain now. Letting it come means that you may let it go. In time. And then it will be his smile that you'll see when you think of him. The funny things he used to say. The way he loved you. These will one day be your memories. But for now, its grief that you're feeling. x

  • I hope the image of his smile comes to you soon Cathie and dries up those tears. Big hugs. Sarah x

  • Sending you lots of thoughts, wishes & hugs through the online internet world!

  • that's such a very moving post Cathie, thinking of you and your family, I can't even imagine your pain..I hope the memory of his smile & love comes shining through to you soon. Take care x

  • Cat


  • sending the biggest squishiest hugs and so much love

  • Sweet Cathie, what touching post. Thinking some more of you today.We must be strong for our little ones, when the evening falls we can be alone with our grief. Somehow I love these moments. Recollection, remembering, smiling, always accompanied with tears though. You will make it through this day and all the days too come, I'm sure about that. You're the kind of strong, thoughtful lady with a heart of gold.
    Much love always, xxxxx

    I could comment this morning, the past days it was not possible on your past 3 posts. Do know I read your daily posts for my daily dose of loveliness, sweet friend. xxxxx

  • Just took my morning shower, thinking I assumed it's your sweet dad who passed away. thinking of you today, Cathie. xxooxx
    I find myself doing or saying the things my believed one used to do and I did not like that much while he was still with me …. xxxxx

  • As time passes Cathie, memories of your dear Dad will get easier to bring to mind. The pain you feel will become a little softer & not so sharp. One day you'll find youself smiling as you think of him & remember his warm embrace with joy & not profound sadness – I promise you.
    Millie ^_^

  • My love and prayers for you Cathie.

  • Big hugs, thinking of you. xox Cat

  • no words seem right – thinking of you and sending hugs xxxxx

  • I hope with all my heart that your strong and beautiful memories can ease your heartache. Thinking of you with kindness as you get through these days slowly and gently.

  • XXXXXX – cherish all that you have, that is here with you now and that which has left you – and we know you do and will. always.

  • Thinking of you and your family today xxx

  • Oh Cathie…..Seven and a half weeks for me, Hugs to you and your family.

  • Take care Cathie…thinking of you and it is so nice that you have such special memories x

  • Anonymous

    No matter how long words are not said, a memory will last a life time. Share and feel all the moments that were that are that is.
    You'll get through we all do we all have too, my father passed 16 years ago. Well before the days of us meeting. longtime no hug, Changy

  • Cathie I'm so sorry for your pain and grief, I wish I could take it away from you. I'm thinking of your beautiful lady. Take care. Hugs xoxo

  • Oh Cathie. I'm so sorry.

  • i want to give you a real hug right now, but i can't so (((((cyber hugs)))) will have to suffice!

    I knew the anniversary was approaching so have been thinking of you..

    much love

  • I don't know what to say, except I am thinking of you and your family and sending you hugs through cyberspace. xxx

  • oh cathie big hugs to you at this sad time. I just can't imagine or prepare myself for the loss of a parent. sending you big hugs and prayers to you and all of your family……….


  • I send you love and a thought for your father, wherever he may be

  • sending love vibes your way xoxo

  • Lots of love to you and your family Cathie. X

  • Sometimes so difficult to understand the reason why, but in the end,, the suffering has to stop.
    Hugs to you and your family.

  • Big big big big hugs Cathie! i got a suprise 🙂 I got an award for you 🙂

  • Thinking and praying for you, Cathie. All my love xx

  • Hugs xxx

  • Much love Cathie XO

  • Cathie,
    If I were a neighbour I would leave a dinner on your doorstep right now. But for now – X for you.

  • Oh Cathie the love & pain in your message is so real. It completely gave me goosebumps & tears & made me feel so helpless because I know there is nothing I can do. Thanks for sharing this with us…you are so genuine & caring and I just wish I could could call you up & hear some memories about your dad. I hope they bring you comfort on the hard days. Love!!! Lib

  • love and prayers for you Cathie, sorry they are belated, but not forgotten xx