• Was thinking of you today! xx

  • I support daffodil day every year, it's so important. I love your bursts of yellow, such a sunshiny, pretty colour. Hope all is well with you Cathie, much love x

  • xx, yey for daffodil day and for you xx

  • What a beautiful group of photos.
    Hugs to you today Cathie.XXXOOOJ

  • your pictures are beautiful there. I'm thinking of so many today & feeling very proud of our sea of yellow at school assembly this afternoon..xx

  • Have been thinking about it this week too xx Thanks for your support & hope you are okay xx

  • I burst out crying by accident when I handed over my money this afternoon. It all seems so close this year. Thinking of you too lovely girl. xx

  • xxx

  • What a gorgeous collection of photos Cathie, these certainly made me smile… yellow has that effect on me I find :o)
    My hubby actually picked up a daffodil pin for me, which was rather sweet as he knows I usually buy one, but was unable to today. It is such a fantastic cause xo

  • We have daffodil day here too in the Spring….oh you are so lucky to have all the beautiful yellow around you today…enjoy and for such a great cause….love to you.
    Are baking up something yellow?

  • Oh lovely collage,someone is thinking Spring here lol.We are awaiting fall.I cant wait.

    We have daffodil day here as well in the Spring,its for a great cause.I hope all will participate.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • oxoxo

  • Thanks for the beautiful burst of colour! Gentle thoughts heading your way.

  • I'm with you, our children wore yellow to school & took their donations. I couldn't find a Cancer Council daffodil person to buy daffodils from so put an extra $5 in the school's collection. I was a bit annoyed, the $6 bunches of daffodiles at the supermarket ONLY $1 went to the Cancer Council, doesn't that suck!! Love Posie

  • Hi Cathie,
    I know how much it means to you and to me and to many others that have lost someone to cancer. I always support Daffodil Day.

    Hugz xoxoxo

  • I love yellow color and I love daffodil as well.

    have a great weekend!

    Cass from Advanced Guitar Lessons

  • I always buy daffodils, but our daff day is in March/April. I love your collection of yellow – so pretty. happy Spring to you!

  • Yellow Mellow, gorgeous mosaic. Would make a pretty card, sweet Cathie. Any receiver would be cheered up instantly!
    Have a sweet sweet Sunday xx

  • Sam

    Thanks for brightening my day with your lovely yellow pictures. Daffodil day means alot to me also, I lost my father when I was 18. Healing hugs right back to you Cathie xxSam

  • Thinking of your, lovely lady.
    Your yellow montage is exquisite – and I don't normally like yellow.
    Big cuggles xox Cat

  • Beautiful pictures from a beautiful you! Much love to you and yours.