• Yahouuuuuuuu!

  • What a great pic. Have a peaceful Long Weekend Cathie.

  • Yippee indeed! I'm looking forward to a biiiiiigggg sleep in tomorrow.
    Hope you have a fab weekend too.

  • i wish i was sleeping in like Cam… but we are off on exciting adventures so even better than sleeping in…

  • I don't think we get the monday off in NZ, as it falls on a sunday! 🙁

  • Pam

    Wow, that looks like such a fun thing to do!!
    Your bunting from your creative space looks fabulous Cathie! Well done you.
    Hoping you have a great weekend too! x
    p.s. I did make the raspberry choc cupcakes, and they were soooo delish! Thanks heaps for the recipe.

  • That photo is pure bliss!!! So lovely to see a child's unabashed joy…wish you could bottle it. Enjoy your long weekend…anything yummy in the oven? 🙂

  • not as fun as that girl is doing, how fun would that be. We have friends coming for a couple of days which will be nice. Have fun you!

  • We don't get Monday off in NZ 🙁 But enjoy your day off!!

  • Not fun, soldiers' families tend not to have a fun time, just remembering & appreciating your soldier is safe, today. I'm taking my 4 plus 2 extras to the War Memorial to see the march, fly over & have a picnic. Shall wear sunglasses so no one notices my tears. I come from 4 generations of soldiers & sailors, it's a big deal for us. Gorgeous image though, colourful & free like we all should be in this world. Love Posie

  • i just want to do that! be a kid again! how FUN 🙂

  • A long weekend! Lucky girl ~ Have fun!
    xo Catherine

  • Have fun!!!!! I want a long weekend now! xoxo

  • That is so cute! SHE is so cute! What a fun picture!!!

  • Your cute picture screams F U N ! Wishing you an enjoyable happy longggg weekend, Cathie! XOXOXO

  • Kat

    woo hoo! I love long weekends. Unfortunately mine will be spent finishing assignments…but there will be some anzac biscuit baking squeezed in as well.

  • WOOHOO! You too lovely Cathie!
    Love the photo, you know I've never been in one of those ball thingys. But I've always wanted too.

  • OH…that looks like soo much fun…I concur…YIPPEE…wishing you and cupcake a happy long weekend…smile on Rosie

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  • You too, Ducky! What a fabulous photo. Lisa x

  • I love love love that photo Cathie….Have a great weekend….

  • A very happy photo! It's Anzac day isn't it? Enjoy your long weekend!

  • what a beautiful image to capture childhood. hope your weekend has been lovely. x