Carrot & Walnut Cupcakes

Kids and I are off to visit Nanny tomorrow so we decided to make some cup cakes.
Hmmm, it all started off well til it was time to lick the spoon & the bowl.
Even before that, my 3 year old kept asking
“are you finished mum, can I lick the spoon now, are you finished…”
This went on pretty much since I started filling the cupcake papers.
So by the time I had finished they both looked at me with enormous smiles and the bowl & spoons were theirs.
Until…the bowl became a war zone as they BOTH wanted it to themselves.
Screams over & cupcakes came out of the oven smelling wonderful and the kids looked forward to sampling some after dinner.
I guess they tasted good as my 3 yr old ran up to me and said “Mum, you made really yummy cupcakes”
That made it all worthwhile 🙂
If anyone would like the recipe please let me know & I’ll put it up.