It feels like I haven’t been around for such a long time and I really have missed you!
There has been a lot going on in our family but I am still camera challenged so for the first time in many years I feel unable to express myself.  
Unable to document moments in our family’s life that are firsts and some that just need to be filed away and remembered.
kinder friends and their Diwali henna tattoos
The kids went on their first ever camel ride the other day at the Whittlesea show and I couldn’t photograph it, I baked a cake and wanted to share it with you but I couldn’t.

So while I wait for my cameras return I have been using Amelie’s camera and funnily enough…I have absolutely no idea how the functions work so things may still be a little quiet around here.

As for today, I tried so hard to control the tears as another first came around, Amelie’s prep orientation.
After a little bit of hesitant start, she was happy and excited and I even got a drawing of me done.


how cute am I
So for those of you who are going through this now, pleeeease let me know how you feel, I’d love to hear your experiences and I wish you luck.
Thank you also to the new friends joining along and I hope you can pop in to say hello.

Until I am back again, many hugs to you ♥