My sweet Amelie
I love the way you smile
I love your witty comments
I love that you ride your bike without training wheels
I love it when you tell me things
I love that you love your little brother so much


I love that you hold my hand when we go for walks
I love it when I come to kiss you goodnight and you say that you want me to stay here all night
I love that you know more than me about the garden
I love that you love watching Dirt girl
I love your beautiful long hair
I love your big brown eyes



I love your wonderful drawings
I love that you write mum on most of them
I love that you are still my little monkey
I love your shyness at times
I love your nervous smile
I love your attentive stare when you are somewhere new




I love your temperament
I love that you are so like me
I love that you still love me to the moon and back fifty seventy million times
I just love you


Happy 5th birthday my beautiful little girl ♥

* teepee inspiration from these wonderful girls