I love it when you sneak into my bed for a cuggle at night

I love that you kiss my hand when we are walking along
I love that you help me unpack the cutlery from the dishwasher

I love that you say “bardon mummy” when you want me to repeat something


I love it when you spontaneously tell me that you love me
I love that you pick flowers for me on our walks

I love that you learnt to write your name weeks ago 
I love that you always want to help me do things

I love that you can jump as high as the sky on the trampoline
I love that you always draw pictures of mummy smiling

I love when you walk past the rosemary bush and touch it and then want me to smell your hands
I love that you love to bake with me

I love that daddy made you pizza for your special birthday dinner 
I love that you are now “vour!”

I love that you kiss Amelie goodbye on the hand when we drop her off at school

I love that you sit in the classroom and draw and colour in when mummy helps at Amelie’s school

I love that even though daddy got you a toolbox, gardening gloves and a hammer for your birthday you wanted to take Hansel with you when we went out

I love your squishy, squishy cuddles
I love it when “it’s cuddle time”
I love your sloppy kisses
I love that you are still my baby
and I especially love the way you make me feel

Happy birthday baby boy, I love you………♥