My Creative Space…

 I love winter, love the rain, the cosiness, the puddles BUT I don’t like the fact that there isn’t any sunshine and most of the time it feels muddy and gloomy outside.
It has been a little flat in our household of late and I’m sorry that I haven’t been around to say hi to you like I normally would and have just been doing a catch up on google reader. 

You know about my love of bunting, well after seeing a friend had made a birthday bunting for her family, I thought I’d start a new tradition for us as well and make one in time for my little boy who will be 3 soon.
After some great advice and the necessary stuff to stick my letters on it’s nearly there and all that is needed now is to sew it all together.



On our shopping trip, Aidan spotted the truck fabric and was squealing with delight, I had to get it and with a little help from mum will make him a quilt. If I tell you that he has been hugging the fabric since would you believe me!

Happy creating friends, I will pop round to the land of creativity after I have put my cakes in the oven for a cake order.


In the meantime, happy day to you.