My other baby.. ♥

…well, not really, but at least it makes yummy delights not just make a mess!
It doesn’t give nice cuddles or sloppy kisses so I guess that’s its down side.
As part of Blog This, this weeks challenge is Shopaholic, something fabulous bought, something coveted for a while…YES, YES, YES!!!!! of course!
I longingly dreamt about owning this little baby for a while, I dreamt about how fluffy those egg whites would be, how creamy a butter cream icing could get, how velvety a meringue could be…ohhh ♥
So yes, it’s extravagant and yes it’s a bit on the high end of the price scale but it does look lovely in it’s designated corner and it does do a marvelous job a minimum of three times a week, so why would I complain!
So thank you Blog This for giving me the chance to talk about my “other baby” without fear 🙂